The Best Pizza You’ve Ever Had


I stayed up until 1:30am last night trying to fix the blog. This meant a later than usual wake up and breakfast. None-the-less I was still hungry for lunch around 12:30pm. My stomach was grumbling and asking for one thing: PIZZA I’ve come to terms with the fact that pizza is my favorite dinner (or lunch as the case may be). I love it. Well, what’s not to love? There’s cheese … [Read more...]



I highly suggest an Old Lady Navy Polar Fleece vest for running when it’s nippy outside. So you’re not I did 3.74 miles to get some pounding in, but my legs felt tired for most of it. I also suggest keeping said vest on while you drink / eat your Green Smoothie for breakfast. In the Green Monster Mix: 1 scoop protein powder ice ice baby Spinach I‘ve been using frozen and … [Read more...]

A Fearless Fresh Start


As you may be aware, my blog was down for 2 days. I cried. (Please note the dark chocolate wedges on my desk and lack of hygiene. I am a mess.) No really, I cried about it. And I don’t cry. The blog is basically my job right now and I have all my little stars tied to it (does anyone else use that analogy? It’s an inside joke.). Anyways, after I cried (and scared Ben to … [Read more...]

Wawful Wednesday


I always say that Waffle Wednesday sounds like Awful Wednesday and today that really rings true. My blog was down ALL DAY yesterday and is still not up as I write this I decided to make the best of my morning and cook up some waffles for breakfast. Fail. I cannot catch a break. I used my go-to waffle / pancake recipe, but these just stuck to the waffle maker. I tried with … [Read more...]