I highly suggest an Old Lady Navy Polar Fleece vest for running when it’s nippy outside. So you’re not Winking smileI did 3.74 miles to get some pounding in, but my legs felt tired for most of it.

It's nipply out

I also suggest keeping said vest on while you drink / eat your Green Smoothie for breakfast.IMG_7790

In the Green Monster Mix:

1 scoop protein powder

ice ice baby

Spinach I‘ve been using frozen and it’s extra thick, but you can use fresh too. I just like mine thick Winking smile

Almond milk (you may have to add more if you’re using frozen spinach)

chia seedsgreen smoothie

Served with a bagel – 1/2 PB&J, 1/2 cream cheese& J.

bagel with pb

Question: Do you eat ice cream and smoothies year ‘round or skip ‘em in the winter?

I have been craving oatmeal lately because it’s been cooler here, but after a run I just want something cold!


  1. says

    3.74 miles? Really? You couldn’t make it an even 3.75? :) Am I the only OCD person who can’t end a run unless it’s an even .25 interval?

    • says

      I do that too, Kara! I’m definitely an OCD runner, especially now that I have my Garmin.

      Monica, welcome back–I’m so sorry for the frustration you experienced!

      I live in California, too, so I’m used to not really having any seasons. That means I am a yearround smoothie drinker/eater (I like them thick, too!)! I don’t eat ice cream, but I do love a cold smoothie any time of year.

  2. says

    Yearround! Even if it means my heat is cranked up and I’m wearing two sweaters 😉 I have to have my green smoothie every day! And overnight oatmeal. And ice cream. Yeah…ice cream!

  3. says

    In the winter I usually drink green smoothies for breakfast after a night of drinking. What? Doesn’t everybody do that? In all honesty though, I want to try to make green “juice” instead of a Gm so I may invest in a juicer. I’m just not sure it’s worth the price tag.

  4. says

    I am so happy to see your blog back up!!! :)

    I also wear vest when I run 😉 I like to think of myself as a fashion icon as I run haha yeah no 😉

    I love smoothies all the time, no matter rain, shine, snow or sleek I’m drinking a smoothie :)

  5. says

    If I were to eat a single or double scoop I would just think “that was ok. To be good needs at least a half-gallon — with a full gallon more than twice as good.” And a full gallon probably isn’t the best choice. So I drink ice water and eat yogurt. Hot coffee when it’s cold

  6. says

    Good to know about that vest!
    I haven’t put chia seeds in my smoothies in a while because I found that they changed the texture….maybe I was using too much? As for the question, year round!!

  7. Mariely says

    Hola Monica!

    I had been reading your blog since last month and I love it!

    Well as far as it goes for ice cream and smoothies I eat them all year long ( for some reason ice cream tastes better in winter), I mean Are you kidding me? I cannot live without ice cream even when I’m sick all I crave is ice cream…

    So there you have my 2 cents on the matter!

    Ps. I’m happy your blog is back! 😉

  8. Lauren @ hungry dancer says

    So glad your blog is running again!!!! Your green smoothie looks super thick! Yum! (wait…that sounded wrong…)

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