The Best Pizza You’ve Ever Had

I stayed up until 1:30am last night trying to fix the blog. This meant a later than usual wake up and breakfast. None-the-less I was still hungry for lunch around 12:30pm. My stomach was grumbling and asking for one thing: PIZZA

I’ve come to terms with the fact that pizza is my favorite dinner (or lunch as the case may be). I love it. Well, what’s not to love? There’s cheese and bread and happiness all baked on a pie for your consumption.

When the pizza gods call I answer, so I dug a Lean Cuisine pizza out of my freezer (they were recently on sale $2 each) and nuked it.

Lean Cuisine Pizza

It was just okay, but don’t they say pizza is like sex? Even bad pizza is still pretty good Winking smile

This got me thinking about the best pizza I’ve ever had…

Since I love pizza I’ll take it wherever I can get it and I’ve had everything from $5.00 take-out to frozen to Chicago Deep Dish to 6am calls for room service in Vegasroom service pizza

I think “Hunger makes the best sauce” and post-run pizza can be Heavenly. I had this baby at BJ’s Brewery after my last marathon.BJ's pizza

But the best pizza I’ve ever had title goes to the Chicago Deep Dish from Gino’s I had this Summer while attending the Healthy Living Summit. Gino's pizzeria

I threated to never eat pizza again if it wasn’t Chicago deep dish because I didn’t want to ruin (or roon) the memory. It was real deep dish! I don’t think I’ve ever had pizza this tall before. deep dish pizza

chicago deep dish slice

I’m sure the 16 miles I ran that morning helped it taste extra dee-lish, but still. It was AMAZING.gino's pizza group

Question: What’s the best pizza you’ve ever had?

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  1. says

    The best pizza I ever had was in Rome, in a small hole in the wall restaurant on a vacation after 9th grade with my parents. It was thin and light with an herby sauce and not too much cheese.We ate there 3 out of the 4 nights we were in Rome and wished we ate there the 4th. fuckin’ gluten.

  2. Michelle says

    Mmnnnn…pizza. I’m a newish reader and don’t comment much, but I LOVE pizza! I live in Boston but am a NY transplant so I’m always craving a good slice!!

  3. says

    The bf and I don’t see eye to eye on the “Best Pizza in Portland.” He thinks Apizza Schools is the best ever. It IS amazing pizza…thin crust, big New York-style, delicious….My favorite is Mississippi Pizza. Thicker crust, great flavor. My favorite of theirs is the artichoke, feta and tomatoes. YUM

  4. says

    The best pizza I have ever had is from Lou Malnatis right here in Chicago!! (Chitown has the best pizza EVER ;)) The next time you visit you should try Lous! There deep dish is to die for…. YUM. I think I may know what’s for dinner tonight 😉

  5. Jamie says

    I’m from chi-town and will only eat deep dish! I spent 7 months in Florida and didn’t eat pizza at all. It was rough but their pizza is gross!

    My favorite is Giordano’s, with a close second to Lou Malnati’s. Believe it or not I’ve never been to Gino’s! They don’t have it in my suburb but I really should search for it.. I’ve heard it’s the best.

  6. says

    I’m not sure what the best pizza I’ve had is, but you are totally right that even when it’s bad, it’s still good. Now I want some pizza.

  7. says

    We are blessed to have a few GREAT local pizza places by us and pizza being one of my favorite dishes eva, I honestly have a hard time choosing a favorite. I mean that is like choosing a favorite child or pet. I think I have a hard time choosing because pizza can vary so wildly. However, we lived in Chicago for 5 years and tried just about every brand of deep dish there and I have even reviewed 2 out of the 4 major ones including Gino’s on my blog. I have to say of deep dish my fav is Giordano’s, but let’s be real they are all good!

  8. Carla in Sydney says

    “Joe’s Pizza” at Santa Monica and they have one in Rodeo Drive West Hollywood too – Delicious and thin as I prefer thin. I think I had it about 10 times while I was over there. Now I am drooling!!!

  9. says

    BeauJo’s Pizza in Denver, Co. They have EVERY topping you could want and you can build your own. The crust is honey wheat and they serve the pizza with honey to dip the crust in at the end…it’s SO good!

  10. sally kate says

    i have to agree ginos east has the best pizza i ever had as well- that veggie deep dish cant be beat!! i had it after running the rock n roll half in chicago this summer- amazing.

  11. says

    We drove up to my friend’s house in Chicago one Friday night and were STARVING by the time we got there. The deep dish from the local pizza place was AMAZING that night!! (it’s pretty awesome even when not hungry). Now I want to order Giordano’s pizza online . . .

  12. says

    YES! I love hearing that Gino’s East was your favorite pizza! Us Chicagoans often fight over what deserves the best Chicago pizza title. Everyone usually goes for the Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s but NOTHING beats Gino’s.

    I live in San Diego now… so I eat vegan thin crust whole wheat crust pizza :)

  13. says

    Don’t know how I missed this post….maybe I was too busy looking back through all of your other ones, tee hee!! I love pizza as well! There was an amazing pizza shop in Korea: “Pizza Town”. It was a family ritual to go there as much as possible. It was my son’s first experience with pizza, and it was where I had my 2nd date with my hubby the first time we were in Korea!! I would give anything for the gooey simplicity of it!!! I wish I could get an amazing pizza over here…it is really what I love to splurge on!!! I cannot wait to hear about your marathon!! The expo line was crazy, sorry it was a bust! Hopefully you get good moods all around 😉 Good luck and I think it is amazing you are doing so much!! Keep your promise, no races for a while and take a rest :) PS. Is that blonde hair I see in your picture of the after race pizza meal???? Very cute!!

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