Wawful Wednesday

I always say that Waffle Wednesday sounds like Awful Wednesday and today that really rings true. My blog was down ALL DAY yesterday and is still not up as I write this Sad smile

I decided to make the best of my morning and cook up some waffles for breakfast. Fail. waffle fail

I cannot catch a break.

I used my go-to waffle / pancake recipe, but these just stuck to the waffle maker. I tried with 2 batches before giving up.

I mix up the batter in a blender every time. This is because I like to dirty as many dishes as possible when making breakfast. Note: the sarcasm. waffles in the blender

They don’t look that bad, but it’s really just a shell of a waffle or “waffle skins” as Ben called it.

waffle skin

Third time’s a charm. Well, it is if you decide today is Pancake Wednesday instead Smile IMG_7741

I topped these successful pancakes with PB and sf syrup. Thank goodness they finally came out – I would not have been able to take another kick when I’m down. IMG_7739

Today is Groundhog’s Day! You know what that means?


someecards.com - Let's pray the groundhog sees his shadow so we'll have six more weeks to gorge like furry rodents

I think it’s more of an east coast thing? I saw my shadow and if that means more of the “winter” we’ve been having, I’ll take it! image

Question: How are you going to make today a GOOD Wednesday instead of a w-awful one?

I’m headed to yoga. I really need to get away from the computer until my blog is back up, I just keep stressing and bothering the guys working on it.


  1. says

    I want your winter :( we just got about a foot of snow in upstate NY..! Oh well, I am glad your blog is back up! I was wondering where you went! Happy Thursday! :)

  2. says

    So glad to see it’s working again! My car died :( so I was have an awful Wednesday too.

    Today too, I will be stuck at home! Luckily I’m getting a ride to work today, but I had reallllly wanted to go to the gym later and that is apparently not happening!

  3. Nicole C says

    Hi, say your blog from Janethas and so I thought I would be an active reader for your blog too.

    Anywho, I was proud of myself for actually having a good day all day yesterday! Indoor picnic at Town Square (my happy place in Vegas) with my Dad who I go to lunch with once a week. I also made some for the first time ever attempted carne asada marinating and it was a treat when my man, also named Ben and looks like a lumberjack, wanted it for dinner. I got him out of his funky mood too, high five!

  4. says

    Hey I tried your protein waffle recipe and I loved it!!! I totally mixed it with a squired and worked perfect with no mess… Then I saw all the dirty dishes you got to make it lol ….fun blog !! Thanks q

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