Wawful Wednesday

I always say that Waffle Wednesday sounds like Awful Wednesday and today that really rings true. My blog was down ALL DAY yesterday and is still not up as I write this wlEmoticon sadsmile Wawful Wednesday

I decided to make the best of my morning and cook up some waffles for breakfast. Fail. IMG 7732 thumb Wawful Wednesday

I cannot catch a break.

I used my go-to waffle / pancake recipe, but these just stuck to the waffle maker. I tried with 2 batches before giving up.

I mix up the batter in a blender every time. This is because I like to dirty as many dishes as possible when making breakfast. Note: the sarcasm. IMG 7730 thumb Wawful Wednesday

They don’t look that bad, but it’s really just a shell of a waffle or “waffle skins” as Ben called it.

IMG 7735 thumb Wawful Wednesday

Third time’s a charm. Well, it is if you decide today is Pancake Wednesday instead wlEmoticon smile2 Wawful Wednesday IMG 7741 thumb Wawful Wednesday

I topped these successful pancakes with PB and sf syrup. Thank goodness they finally came out – I would not have been able to take another kick when I’m down. IMG 7739 thumb Wawful Wednesday

Today is Groundhog’s Day! You know what that means?


pray groundhog day ecard someecards Wawful Wednesday

I think it’s more of an east coast thing? I saw my shadow and if that means more of the “winter” we’ve been having, I’ll take it! image thumb2 Wawful Wednesday

Question: How are you going to make today a GOOD Wednesday instead of a w-awful one?

I’m headed to yoga. I really need to get away from the computer until my blog is back up, I just keep stressing and bothering the guys working on it.


  1. says

    I want your winter :( we just got about a foot of snow in upstate NY..! Oh well, I am glad your blog is back up! I was wondering where you went! Happy Thursday! :)

  2. says

    So glad to see it’s working again! My car died :( so I was have an awful Wednesday too.

    Today too, I will be stuck at home! Luckily I’m getting a ride to work today, but I had reallllly wanted to go to the gym later and that is apparently not happening!

  3. Nicole C says

    Hi, say your blog from Janethas and so I thought I would be an active reader for your blog too.

    Anywho, I was proud of myself for actually having a good day all day yesterday! Indoor picnic at Town Square (my happy place in Vegas) with my Dad who I go to lunch with once a week. I also made some for the first time ever attempted carne asada marinating and it was a treat when my man, also named Ben and looks like a lumberjack, wanted it for dinner. I got him out of his funky mood too, high five!

  4. says

    Hey I tried your protein waffle recipe and I loved it!!! I totally mixed it with a squired and worked perfect with no mess… Then I saw all the dirty dishes you got to make it lol ….fun blog !! Thanks q

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