A Tropical Island and a Giveaway

I went on a short tropical getaway this afternoon…

Actually, I took this picture today for a photography class I’m taking Smile Birds of Paradise remind me of my Grams.


But my island vacation didn’t end there. This afternoon I scooped out a cantaloupe and filled it with pineapple Chobani and some cereal. It was a tropical getaway in a snack. Try it.


I used this new Quinoa Duo from TJ’s for dinner. First I cooked up some free range ground turkey with bell peppers and onions. Then, I mixed this in…

TJ's quinoa

I loved it! The quinoa is spiced well and really made the dish. There was some stolen pasta from Ben’s dinner too.

quinoa for dinner

I love grains. And brains, just not to eat. quinoa close

There is a rumor going around that Trader Joe’s is discontinuing their Peanut Flour Sad smile I haven’t confirmed it yet, but I’m sad if this is true. I hope I don’t cry again!

Anyways, I before they discontinue it I’m giving one away!

TJ's peanut flour

To Enter: Leave a comment. That’s it. Let’s not get too complicated, it’s just peanut flour. 

You can tweet this if you want for an extra entry:

@runeatrepeat Can I get some peanut flour?

or something like that.


  1. Jessie says

    As a Californian who has been displaced to Colorado (land of big mountains and no TJ’s), there is little in the world that makes me more homesick than thoughts of Trader Joe’s. They have these frozen puff pastry bites with goat cheese and caramelized onion that are just absurd. You should try them only if you want their delicious haunting your dreams.

    • Holly says

      I moved from the east coast (no TJ’s) to CO (see above, no TJ’s). I’m intrigued. Please send peanut flour to CO; I’ll share :)

      • Jessie says

        See! If the peanut flour comes to CO, we can just pass it around the state! It’ll be like you’re giving out multiple prizes. :)

  2. says

    ugh if trader J’s does this, I will be on strike for like a week! it would be longer, but I can’t go tooo long without my trader joe joe oreos lmao.


  3. Anne Young says

    My first comment. Well, I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! You are hilarious. Thank you for being so real. Sorry about your outage for the last couple of days. I missed your wonderful posts! Oh, and pick me! :)

  4. Laura says

    I’ve never cooked/baked with peanut flour…..and i’ve never eaten anything cooked/baked with peanut flour (or at least to my knowledge). Would be neat to try!

  5. Molly @ mollyrunsfresh says

    That’s an awesome picture you took there. Really looks like a bird! And I would luuurve to win that bag of peanut flour! The nearest trader joes is 400 miles away so I have never experienced it’s nutty goodness… Peanut please? 😉

  6. says

    I also live in a state where, alas, despite the plethora of super-cheap produce at Sprouts, there is no PEANUT FLOUR! I would LOVE to win this bag! I’m pretty sure it would change my life……lol

  7. says

    Not sure what I would do with peanut flour, but I’ve heard so much fanfare over it that I’m sorta curious.

    I see that “tropical” flower/plant thingy everyday. It’s always on the sidewalks! 😀

  8. megan says

    Would love to try this. No TJ’s around here :( but my sister sent me some super yummy sea salted dark chocolate caramels with my Christmas gift. Delish!

  9. says

    I’ve never had peanut flour, being from Ireland where there is no TJ’s.
    Random question, but I always wanted to know how do you eat the melon part in the melon bowl with stuff in it, if it’s not cut up. I know it’s probably obvious to everyone but me :O 😛 xo

  10. says

    I would love this! I’ve read a lot about it and everyone seems to love it…I just can’t believe you’re giving one away if it’s being discontinuted!!!

  11. Leigh says

    We just got a TJ’s in Maine and I was sooooo excited! Have never tried the peanut flour but would love to! It would give me something new to experiment in the kitchen with during all these snowstorms…

  12. says

    Emily @ Daily Garnish said its true!! :(

    I REALLY want to try this stuff. I have a Whole Foods an hour away, but there’s no TJ in sight. I hope I win!

  13. Malika says

    I can’t believe they are taking it off the shelves :( I haven’t even tried it YET.
    WAHHH… haha anyway thanks for the opportunity to win some!

  14. says

    if you’re willing to ship to canada, please count me in!
    have never tried peanut flour as we can’t get it up here…just my luck that it’s discontinued at TJs before i can to a TJ to get some!
    thanks for offering the giveaway!!!

  15. Meredith says

    I am legit driving to Trader Joe’s first thing this morning to see if I can salvage any Peanut Flour that they have left. Crossing my fingers!

  16. says

    I am SO sad they are getting rid of it and I would SO love to win a bag! I have no tj’s near me, and I love this stuff! I did a blog exchange and got some and its almost gone! * gasp*

  17. Jessica says

    I dont even live near a Trader Joes….and I am jealous of all the yummy things they have that you put on your site….

    you know you want to share the love.

  18. Julie says

    I love easy give aways that don’t involve sending in a blood and stool sample. Thank you so much for being uncomplicated. :)

  19. says

    I’d love to try out some peanut flour! Are you trying to bust your blog again with a high traffic giveaway post? :)

    P.s. I’m giving away a Road ID on my blog (which only 5 people read) so if anyone wants to enter, you have a good chance of winning!

  20. says

    I have never had peanut flour before!! I’d so love to try it!

    Your cantaloup looks soooo good! :) Your pics make me excited for spring to arrive… yay! so soon!

  21. Valerie C. says

    AI DIOS MIO!!! i heard the rumors and am completely devistated!! :( I leave for China soon (2 weeks) and we don’t have TJ’s in Florida so I can’t stock up…this PF would be loved and cherished :)

  22. Valerie C. says

    AI DIOS MIO!!! i heard the rumors and am completely devastated!! :( I leave for China soon (2 weeks) and we don’t have TJ’s in Florida so I can’t stock up…this PF would be loved and cherished :)

  23. says

    I find it so weird that we both have a “Gramm”, who if I see a birds of paradise, I think of her- she had one in the front yard until my Grampa (hehe, yeah, I say “Gram and then just add “pa” for him lol) chopped it down XP. That and her gardenia tree..which he also cut down..
    Never tried peanut flour, I probably would like to try it before if gets discontinued.- I heard (read) from another blog that it was confirmed.

  24. says

    PEANUT FLOUR IS MY FAVORITE thing in the entire world right now. I literally am using about 3 servings a day. Please help me feed my addiction :) It’s better than crack, right?


  25. says

    Love TJ’s Peanut Flour! I actually asked my mom to go pick up some for me and she asked our local manager. He didn’t hear anything about them discontinuing the product because it is their only gluten free flour. Maybe only certain locations?

  26. says

    Oh man, I would love some PFlour :( I have major peanut butter allergies so I can’t have a whole lot of it without getting a rash on my arm. This stuff doesn’t cause a reaction!

  27. Ang says

    I literally JUST made peanut butter oats (eating them right now!) and was wishing I had some peanut flour to add to them! I think it’s fate :-)

  28. Marianne says

    If only I had known they were going to discontinue it at Christmas then I would have bought some! Nearest TJ’s is over 2 hours away. Would love to try it!
    Thanks :-)

  29. says

    Mmmm…love TJ peanut flour. I was very sad to here that rumor, I will be making a TJ run to stock up soon. I have tried other brands of peanut flour but they do not taste the same :)

  30. says

    Interestingly, I’m not interested in the peanut flour. I’m allergic to peanuts. Sad.

    However, I put green beans on this grocery list this morning – I’m trying your green bean fries this weekend. Very excited.

  31. says

    I was so sad when I moved and no longer lived anywhere close to a Trader Joe’s. I really miss that place! I’d love to try peanut flour.

  32. Taryn says

    I have never had peanut flour…I can’t find it here and there are no Trader Joe’s:-( I would love to try it!

  33. meg says

    I would LOVE to try peanut flour! I live in an area where there is no Trader Joes for miles and miles and hours and hours. haha!

  34. Kate says

    Peanut flour–sounds interesting! I also like your quinoa dish–we just bought quinoa and I have no clue what to do with it!

  35. Nicole says

    Oh please please please! I have no Trader Joe’s around me and have been DYING to try this! I must say that you are a very generous girl-I’m sure most peeps will be hoarding this! Fingers crossed X!

  36. Beth says

    I almost wish I had never used peanut flour in the first place so that it being discontinued wouldn’t affect me so much. One bag is all that I had, but that’s all I needed to fall in love. They say it’s better to have loved and lost…but I’m just not sure that’s true. However, if I win this I’ll delay the pain by a few weeks. :)

  37. says

    I would love to try it! Unfortunately the closest trader joe’s is an hour away and I just don’t feel like walking that…

    Counting down the days to spring break! Can’t wait to have my own tropical get-away!

  38. Jenn says

    I like that we aren’t getting complicated here. I love peanut flour, but sadly there are no Trader Joe’s near me.

  39. says

    I haven’t even got the chance to get to TJ’s to buy some and now they’re discontinuing it! How rude…I’d love to try it before they go out of style though!

  40. says

    I use the TJ’s quinoa mix all the time. I put roasted chick peas and laughing cow cheese in a bowl with the heated quinoa mix. It makes for a delicious and protein filled meal. (Also meatless).

  41. Jess says

    I just bought peanut flour for the first the other day at TJs (which was amazing!) and now it’s being discontinued?! Sadness :-(

  42. Ashley says

    Trader Joes has the nerve to discontinue peanut flour because “it just wasn’t selling” (said by my local store manager) but look at the outpouring of grief in all these comments! Thanks for the giveaway – you’re more generous than I would be in this tragic situation.

  43. Elliott says

    I want to try peanut flour so bad! I can’t find it anywhere around here. Whole Foods, Publix, and no other grocery stores seem to carry it. The closest Trader Joe’s is 3 hours away. Boo!

  44. Emily says

    Wah! I will be so sad if it’s discontinued before I even got to try it! I’ve been going to TJ’s every week checking for it! :(

  45. says

    i would LOVE to try this! it’s been on my list for months now to try, but getting to a trader joe’s in frigid nyc is not necessarily tops on my list. plus, flour can be heavy to carry home! every time i find myself in tj’s i end up hobbling home with heavy bags.

    i think this would really help round out any veggie’s diet — and give some much needed variety to stir fries!

  46. Kitty B. says

    Send me some peanut flour!
    It’s nearly impossible for me to get one, because there are no Trader Joes in my country.
    I’m an American living overseas, with an APO address, but ordering all my food online would just be a hassle. It’d be awesome to win some of this though (:
    Sweet blog.

  47. says

    I love this stuff so the news that it is discontinued has made me a not-so-happy-camper. I’m stopping by my TJ’s tonight to see if they have any left (and to clean them out if they do!)

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