Tempura Banana

I had another glamorous lunch of Lean Cuisine and veggies. I know, don’t be a jelly belly we can’t all eat this good.

IMG 7923 thumb Tempura Banana

But this meal came with a show. Vegas wanted to climb on top of our front door.

IMG 7925 thumb Tempura Banana

Spider Cat, Spider Cat…

IMG 7930 thumb Tempura Banana

He doesn’t believe in gravity. I wish I didn’t either.

IMG 7932 thumb Tempura Banana

Mid-afternoon I had a major chocolate chip cookie craving. Major.

I considered going to a bakery. I considered baking a batch myself.cookie police Tempura Banana

Finally I decided on a Vitatop paired with Chobani’s Honeynana yogurt. Heavenly. Try it. I am really digging that flavor of yogurt.IMG 7937 thumb Tempura Banana

I picked up Ben from work (we’re a one car family) and we debated where to have dinner. We drove and searched and talked and finally ended up at a nearby sushi place. It was really anti-climactic. Oh well.

I got the Udon that came with tempura. Ben and I share everything except meat stuff I don’t eat.

IMG 7940 thumb Tempura Banana

I do Udon!

IMG 7942 thumb Tempura Banana

And a couple rolls.

IMG 7943 thumb Tempura Banana

Ben was about to ask for the check when I saw a new sign in the back of the restaurant. They have Banana Tempura now! I don’t know what it is but I am loving Naners lately. I had to try it!

IMG 7948 thumb Tempura Banana

It is a banana fried tempura style and served with vanilla ice cream and a caramel drizzle. I felt like I was at the fair again with this random fried food.

IMG 7949 thumb Tempura Banana

I truly believe dessert has to have chocolate to be a real dessert, so this was good but it lacked a certain chocolate-y goodness that I desire wlEmoticon smile6 Tempura Banana

IMG 7953 thumb Tempura Banana

Winner of the Peanut Flour Giveaway: Alicia Yum!! I don’t have a Trader Joe’s by me- so this is extra uber awesome!! yum!

Alicia send me your address wlEmoticon smile6 Tempura Banana


  1. says

    Your cat is so cute!! Not scared either I see, very brave, but they say cats always land on their feet I guess ; )

    At PF Changs they have an amazing banana tempura dessert there too! THe one there looks yummy as well!! Mike and I had a sushi roll that was amazing once called the donkey kong roll and it had banana tempura in the middle, it was to die for! It had crushed peanuts on top and this amazing sweet sauce, I forget what fish was used in it, it was just amazing!

  2. says

    i am totally with you on a dessert needing chocolate to be considered a REAL dessert. fruity desserts just don’t interest me, at all.
    i’m making choco chip cookies tonight for a super bowl party tomorrow!
    have a great saturday!
    that would freak me out to see a cat over the doorway like that! very funny!

  3. Molly @ mollyrunsfresh says

    When I’m craving a cookie, I make one if chocolate-covered Katie’s single-lady cookies. They are vegan and only one serving so they do the trick!

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