Surf City Half Marathon Report


Today started out like any other race day, with PB&J and coffee. I also had a dilemma… I was signed up for the Full Marathon, but decided to do the half when I realized I wasn’t ready and might risk injury and would have a very long recovery. The decision was made, but I wasn’t sure if I should wear my timing chip. I didn’t want it to record the wrong time or to show that … [Read more...]

Surf City Expo 2011


Ben and I have been having problems being a one car family, so he used craiglist to go used car shopping today and dragged me along. I brought a lunch because I knew he wouldn’t want to stop for a while. I ate this while he took a test drive. I felt like a weirdo in some random parking lot eating out of a tupperware like I’m in a lunch room at noon. “Who’s that creepy … [Read more...]