Surf City Expo 2011

Ben and I have been having problems being a one car family, so he used craiglist to go used car shopping today and dragged me along. I brought a lunch because I knew he wouldn’t want to stop for a while.

IMG 7993 thumb Surf City Expo 2011

I ate this while he took a test drive. I felt like a weirdo in some random parking lot eating out of a tupperware like I’m in a lunch room at noon.

“Who’s that creepy girl shoving pasta salad in her mouth in that empty parking lot?”

Me that’s who.

IMG 7995 thumb Surf City Expo 2011

Finally we went our separate ways and I headed to the expo solo.

Ben and I have this fun little tradition of fighting on the day I go to the Surf City Expo.  (Why isn’t there a font for sarcasm?!) When I went to the expo year before last we got in a huge fight that day and I got a parking ticket. Boo. IMG 7999 thumb1 Surf City Expo 2011

This race was my first marathon and I’m returning to the scene of the crime (kinda).

Unfortunately, I fought with Ben waited too long and by the time I got there the line to get into the expo tent was very L-O-N-G wlEmoticon sadsmile3 Surf City Expo 2011 

IMG 8000 thumb Surf City Expo 2011

You can’t even see the entrance from where I got in line!

IMG 8001 thumb Surf City Expo 2011

Finally… the Surf City USA Marathon Expo!

IMG 8002 thumb Surf City Expo 2011

Huntington Beach is Surf City, so the whole raced is surfer themed.

IMG 8006 thumb Surf City Expo 2011

The expo wasn’t that great so I was in and out and walked back to my car via the bike / walk path on the beach.

IMG 8011 thumb Surf City Expo 2011

Surf City time!

IMG 8015 thumb Surf City Expo 2011

I made a quick detour to the pier for some beautiful beach day enjoyment wlEmoticon smile8 Surf City Expo 2011 

IMG 8018 thumb Surf City Expo 2011IMG 8017 thumb Surf City Expo 2011 IMG 8021 thumb Surf City Expo 2011

Fun fact: In high school a few friends and I would go hang out on Main Street in Huntington Beach. We thought we were so cool drinking Jamba Juice and shopping for surfer clothes even though we didn’t surf. We were dorks.  ‘Member Corri?

IMG 8023 thumb Surf City Expo 2011

After the expo I didn’t want to go home and deal with Ben so I retreated to my safe place – Whole Foods. I’ve been craving a good juice and was on a mission to try a new kind. Winner winner!

IMG 8024 thumb Surf City Expo 2011

Wheatgrass is gross, but it’s super good for you so I do a shot every now and then. Tip: Have a chaser ready.

IMG 80251 thumb Surf City Expo 2011

I got bee pollen in my drink this time and thought it was weird that it’s just pieces you slurp up!

IMG 8026 thumb Surf City Expo 2011

And for some pre-race carb loading… The Whole Foods Hot and Cold food bars! This weighed a lot more than I thought it was going to. Busted. IMG 80291 thumb Surf City Expo 2011Busted 2x because I ate it all.

The highlight of my week has got to be this random mix of treats from the dessert bar.

IMG 8030 thumb Surf City Expo 2011

I keep saying that I’m burnt out, but I also keep running races?!?! This is because I got all crazy after Long Beach and signed up for a race every month since October! Since the money’s been spent I feel like I should just do them. This is my last race for a long time and I’m going to try and have fun with it. I originally was going to do the Full Marathon, but I am not ready and don’t want to risk it. My knee has been feeling a little achy too, so I do not have a time goal. I have a fun goal wlEmoticon smile8 Surf City Expo 2011 

See ya later!


  1. says

    Whoa, that line is intense! I’ve never seen such a crowded expo. I wanted to do Surf City this year, but I waited too long to sign up. I did the 5k in 2008, way before I started running and I was miserable, so I would like to go back and actually be able to run it :) Good luck tomorrow!

  2. says

    I think you should try one of those 31-yoga programs, to complement or substitute for running. Just to give yourself a break. Just some free advice you really didn’t need. I read in a Yoga Journal for Beginners magazine that this one runner who got a yoga makeover, improved by her marathon time by FIVE MINUTES, and trained ONE DAY LESS a week, because of her added yoga time. Food for thought. Again, you don’t have to pay me for this unsolicited advice. HAHAHA! :) Blessings! Om……

  3. says

    Wow, that line is unbelievable!! I would love to do surf city someday… Thanks for sharing the pictures, that’s a nice change of scenery from here in snowy KS!

  4. says

    that is one crazy line-up to get in to the expo! sorry to hear it was lame…can’t wait to see your race tshirt! hope that’s more exciting!
    have a wonderful race today – all the best!

  5. says

    There really should be a sarcasm font, I mean it’s needed! Sorry about the martial strife, nothing puts you in more of a funk that arguing with your other half. Well, car shopping alone can cause martial strife :) Or house hunting, oy.

  6. says

    Good luck tomorrow girl!!! U will do great!

    My sister lives in Huntington Beach, you just brought back so many memories when I looked at pics! I love it there! I hope to visit her again soon!

  7. Kristen says

    I fell in love with fish tacos when i vacationed in Huntingon Beach a few years back – yum yum yummy!

    Best of luck with the race! :)

    PS – i love how honest you are on this blog.. shit (aka fighting with the hubs) just happens!

  8. says

    how did i forget that race was this weekend?!!? good luck monica!! have fun w/ all the surfers!!!

    and i totally used to hang out on main street too…i wonder if i ever saw you but never knew it…except i was hanging out at the surf shops looking at the boards, not the clothes. i so desperately wanted to be a surfer!

  9. says

    I love HB!!! I usually go there every summer. Have you tried that gelato place on Main st??

    Yeah it’s amazing! My favorite flavors from there are the hazelnut, bacio, coconut (this is amazing), stracciatella, mocha and vanilla.

    You should have someone after your race to cool off. ;)

  10. Megan says

    So what kind of juice did you get!? I’m on a juice kick! I love it! Except its so expensive! I’m searching for a deal for a juicer (craigslist)

  11. says

    Hi! I got into a huge fight with my hubby yesterday too. Strange! Life goes on I guess. Hope you rocked it today. I looked for you but didn’t see you. :)

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