Dealing With A Bad Race


Yesterday wasn’t my best race. But it wasn’t my worst either. I have said I’m a bad “racer” or racist as the term may be, so I made one of my 2010 goals to run 5 races (of any distance). My IT Band injury put a damper on that, but I did end up running 5 races over the last 5 months. Running races more often has helped me deal with my race day nerves, bathroom rituals, … [Read more...]

A Pile of Jars


I am a nut butter jar hoarder. It’s a real problem. This morning I was hemming and hawing over what to make for breakfast. Ben had oatmeal, so even though I have decided I don’t really like oats for breakfast (I prefer it as a snack) I thought I’d give it a whirl. Then, when I saw eight nut butter jars drowning my oatmeal packets I knew I should make oats in a jar. Oats in a … [Read more...]

That’s What She Said


Other titles considered – The Big Screw. Ben and I were driving out of our parking lot when we realized our front tire sounded really weird. I pulled over and we discovered a big screw in our tire. Ben tried to pull it out, but it was too hard.   We went straight to the Costco Tire Center to get it fixed. We had an hour to wait waste so we walked around Costco, … [Read more...]