A Pile of Jars

I am a nut butter jar hoarder. It’s a real problem. This morning I was hemming and hawing over what to make for breakfast. Ben had oatmeal, so even though I have decided I don’t really like oats for breakfast (I prefer it as a snack) I thought I’d give it a whirl. IMG_8092Then, when I saw eight nut butter jars drowning my oatmeal packets I knew I should make oats in a jar.

Oats in a jar are good, but for some reason they’re just not my favorite breakfast.

oats in a jar

TJ’s Valencia Peanut Butter really did help take this meal up a step though Smile  oats in a jar

Monday Mini-Goals for the week:

1. Food journal this week to get back on track.

2. Go to the gym 2 times.

3. More veggies, less sugar Smile

4. Brush teeth at 9pm.

My hip is super tight,  I think I’m going to take a walk to loosen it up and s-t-r-e-t-c-h!!!

Question: Do you have Monday Mini-Goals? Do you do oats in a jar?


  1. says

    I also prefer oats as a snack (one packet of instant oatmeal really does the trick for me), and I’ve never had oats in a jar. When I have oats for breakfast (pre-race or long run), I like them really soupy, and I don’t think that would make for great OIAJ. Quick question for you: what do you like to do the day/week after a half marathon? My body feels great after my race yesterday, but I don’t want to overdo it this week. Any suggestions? Enjoy your day!

    • says

      I usually feel good after race day too (today my hip is bothering me though). But I will NOT run the next day. Usually I take a longish walk and stretch or go to yoga.

  2. says

    Holy story of my life! I have nine going right now and I just bought another jar yesterday because i just HAD to try Naturally More… plus the two unopened barney butter jars under my bed, plus the 30 squeeze packs of Justin’s organic…

  3. says

    i’m with you…i’ve been eating lots of veggies lately, but also lots of sugar. need to try to decrease the sugar this week and maintain the veggies!

    too bad i’m making a 3 layer chocolate pb cake for my sister’s bday. crap…

  4. says

    I would give everything to have so much nut butter jars :))
    I adore oats with loads of nut butter.
    No monday mini goals for me, they usually don’t work for me :))

  5. Michelle says

    I love oats in a jar. I have been guilty however of making them when the jar isn’t empty enough so I could eat more peanut butter. And once I eat them I always get deeply sad that I have to wait till my next jar of PB is finished to eat them again. :)

  6. says

    I love the idea of oats in a jar and I think it looks really cool, but I can’t stand actually eating them. I prefer them in a bowl with a wide surface.

  7. says

    I usually lick my pb jar clean … so there’s no point in saving it.

    I have a new mini goal- actually cross-train. I always skimp on it, but last night I realized I have a chance to place in my age group at my first half if I work a little bit harder … so I guess it’s my three week mini goal.

  8. says

    I’m an anomaly, I suppose, but I do not like nut butter on my oatmeal. So no, I do not make OIAJ.

    My monday mini goal is to stop evening snacking. I was doing SO well for so long, but lately? ugh.

  9. says

    Haha, I’m so happy to see that you hoard your nut butter jars, too. I always give death threats whenever someone tries to throw away one of my hoarded jars. “But you already have 6 others over there,” they say, but I don’t care….I use them all eventually, hehe.

  10. says

    I am weird and do not like oats in a jar at all. I wish I did! It’s a great way to use up the ends of the pb. I just dip my finger in….(that sounds dirty)

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