Practice Safe Eating


After my morning meeting I took a detour to Coffee Bean for some iced coffee goodness. It was mostly because I had to pee and hate going places and not buying anything. This keeps me in the poor house since I drink a gallon of water a day. I used last night’s Seitan stir fry leftovers for lunch. I started with a bed of cabbage and tomatoes and then topped it with the hot stir … [Read more...]

Another Long Sleeve


This morning I took the newest addition to my race shirt collection out for a test drive. This is the Surf City Marathon shirt – long sleeve, wick wear, dark blue. I don’t like that it’s long sleeve since the majority of the year I wear short. But I do like that it is gender specific – this is a Women’s shirt, they had Men’s/Unisex too. The difference between the Unisex and … [Read more...]

Rusty Wok


I actually ate breakfast at a decent breakfast hour this morning and ended up hungry for lunch at 10am. I somehow managed to stall until 11:30am (thanks to a hunk of bodillo). I consulted Twitter so see if I was safe to drink a bucket of iced coffee at 3pm and still be able to get to sleep tonight. Emily had the best and most accurate answer:  Anyone want to Gchat … [Read more...]