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After my morning meeting I took a detour to Coffee Bean for some iced coffee goodness. It was mostly because I had to pee and hate going places and not buying anything. This keeps me in the poor house since I drink a gallon of water a day. IMG_8153

I used last night’s Seitan stir fry leftovers for lunch. I started with a bed of cabbage and tomatoes and then topped it with the hot stir fry.

But, after the picture I took the liberty of adding condiments: soy sauce, Sriacha, peanuts (okay that’s not a condiment, but still).

stir fry salad

This made me realize how obsessed I am with condiments! My cupboard is overflowing with them.  I always practice safe eating and use condiments. I can’t even pick a favorite…

Use condiments

Fun fact: When I went to Europe a friend brought packets of Tapatio because he figured they wouldn’t have any and he had to eat it with his food!

I thought that was weird, but now I take packets of PB with me everywhere!


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    Is there a reason why you don’t refrigerate some of those condiments? After opening several of those items (soy sauce, ketchup, buffalo sauce, syrup) we always refrigerate. I think it says to on the label but I wasn’t sure if you found that these items stay fresher longer storing in a different way.

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      Yes, there is a reason I don’t refrigerate those condiments… I hate when they are cold! I like my hot food HOT, so putting cold ketchup on hot food makes it cold too fast. I get mad when someone puts those condiments in the fridge. Even if a package says to put it in, I don’t (except for things like mayo). Same with PB.

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          Me! Every single condiment (including nut butters) goes directly in my fridge. I love them cold and I love how much longer they last. Plus, I do condiments on the side (I’m super picky about my condiment/food dipping ratio, lol) so I don’t have any problems with the other food getting cold.

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            I have also taken to putting condiments in the freezer before dinner if I haven’t realized we are out in the fridge and we only have warm ones in the cupboard. I am veeeeeery lucky I tricked my husband into marrying me 😉

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          You know people who refrigerate SYRUP?! Thats weird!…doesnt it get hard? My husbands family doesn’t refrigerate BBQ sauce or Parmesan Cheese and that is unfathomable to me!

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    I just love your blog :)

    I have a confession: I take tapatio packets with me EVERYWHERE i go. At first my fiance was really confused but now he just goes along with it, he has no choice, I either take the packets or I bring the bottle with me :) okay another confession, before I got packets I used to carry a bottle in my car! I hate going anywhere without tapatio, it goes on anything :)

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    I put things on the refrigerator so they keep longer, fresher, and don’t go bad. If you prefer warm condiments, I would pour some out on the side if you know you are going to use them and let them get to room temperature. Not refrigerating them at all irks me just a little.

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    I’m obsessed with condiments. My boyfriend actually nags me about how many salad dressing bottles are in our fridge and pantry. I don’t see that as a problem but apparently he’s doing an intervention. 😛

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    I’m slightly obsessed with condiments as well. Okay, I’m more than slightly obsessed, I would consider it more like an addiction.

    PS- You don’t refrigerate ketchup? Is that allowed??

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    Oh my, I probably have dozens and dozens of containers of condiments, and you bet your ass when I just went to New Orleans I brought everything from PB packets to stevia packets to a tupperware of homemade vegan parmesan with me everywhere I went :)

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