Mint Chip Protein Ice Cream


The other night I had the most amazing idea for ice cream. I’m currently obsessed with protein ice cream and one of my favorite “regular” ice cream flavors is Mint n’ Chip. So, yesterday I went out and bought Peppermint Extract. And today… success! Mint & Chip Protein Ice Cream: 1.5 scoops chocolate protein powder lots of ice 1 cup milk of choice a few drops … [Read more...]

Waffle Wednesday for a Dollar


I stopped at the 99 (cent store) on the way home yesterday and came upon this Kellog’s Eggo Real Fruit Pizza. I had seen it in the stores and I’m a sucker for anything “NEW!” so I grabbed one. The Nutritionals are not great, as I expected… but curiosity got the best of me and I grabbed it. I didn’t expect to eat it all, but a few bites were worth $.99 to me. It very … [Read more...]

Tired for Chocolate


Vegas is back at it! This time Ben was home to see his SpiderCat ways… My afternoon snack was a banana with PB and a Vitatop. It was way too carb-heavy and threw me into a hungry frenzy by 5:30. I ate a piece of bread with a Babybel while making dinner. I made the best egg sandwich ever! I bought turkey bacon for a special Valentine’s Day recipe (coming soon) and wanted … [Read more...]