Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

I don’t know if it’s my Catholic upbringing or what, but Confession Thursday feels so cathartic. Here are my confessions for the week:

1. Since I drink a gallon of water a day I often find myself having to pee in less than pristine locations. The confession part of this? I’m bad at squatting.

IMG 8007 thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

Remember that movie My Girl? She said she caught hemorrhoids from a gas station bathroom? Yeah. My Girl thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

2. Sometimes I think of my year in Columbia, MD and miss it. wlEmoticon sadsmile8 Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

Then, I look back on my post from a year ago today and realize I’m idealizing the memory… white out in Maryland thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

I’ll take this sunny day in Huntington Beach, Thank you.

IMG 8013 thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

3. I can’t decide if I’m happy or sad that I’ll never make spaghetti as good as my mom.

IMG 8253 thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

Oh, and 99% of the time I eat bread with no guilt or hesitation at all. My “sandwich thin” versus “real bread” debate just bugged me at the time.

IMG 8256 thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

4. If I’m at your house and you say, “I have all these ingredients to make Muddy Buddy mix (aka Puppy Chow), but I haven’t had the time…” IMG 8258 thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

I’ll make it and eat half of it before you realize what happened.

IMG 8261 thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

For those that don’t know – it’s chocolate and PB covered chex mix bathed in powdered sugar. And it’s very very dangerous.

IMG 8263 thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

5. I think part of the reason I don’t like oatmeal is because the oats I make for Ben are so much better than the kind I make for myself. I put in a whole banana and cook his with almond milk instead of water. It makes them 100x better.

IMG 8266 thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

6. I currently have 6 cans of protein powder on my fridge, but really only use one flavor and keep replacing it. It’s not the one you think either wlEmoticon smile14 Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

IMG 8270 thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

See that blue bottle in the corner? I replace that too, just not as often because it’s the Costco sized one!

IMG 8271 thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

Why am I wearing running clothes and holding vodka? The world may never know…

IMG 8274 thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

Decisions, decisions…

IMG 8275 thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway
underthetable Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway
7. I try and convince Ben it’s “Take Your Cat to Work Day” at least once a week. One day he’ll buy it.

IMG 8279 thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

8. I had to stand in the other room to get a picture of my jug o’iced coffee in this picture. I mostly only started drinking coffee to be part of the “in” crowd and now so many peeps are trying to get off the stuff. Depressing.

IMG 8282 thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

9. I dropped my bagel jelly side down on the floor after this picture. Confession part: I ate it before I cleaned up the mess.

IMG 8285 thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

*For those that asked… It was Cracklin Oat Bran cereal on my smoothie yesterday. It’s amazing.cracklin oatbran Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway10. I just got an offer for free entry into a marathon in March. I’m considering it even though I desperately wanted a break from racing. Someone send me to race rehab. I need help.

11. KSWISS sent me Jillian’s 6 Week Six Pack as part of their Jumpstart program. I already have a copy. Confession part: I was tempted to keep it so I would have 2 because I love it sooo much.

IMG 8289 thumb Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

But, I’ve decided to be nice and give this extra copy away. Who wants to win???

To Enter: Leave a Comment sharing a Confession.

I wouldn’t mind if you linked back to me or told your friend/brother/neighbor to check out RER for an extra entry wlEmoticon smile14 Confession Thursday–Plus a Giveaway

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  1. says

    Confession: I felt slightly odd when I thought of you this morning as I was in the grocery store debating whether to buy my first box of Dark Chocolate Vitatops. I told myself, “Monica would approve” so I made the plunge and bought them.

  2. Emily G says

    I can’t buy fruit snacks because I will eat an entire box of 10 packets at once. And then feel really sick and regret it. But do it again the next time.

  3. Elliott says

    Confession: I generally don’t enjoy listening to music while I run…except Beyonce! I may or may not have listened to one song on repeat for the last two miles of my tempo workout today!

  4. Gretchen says

    I leave IM and FB open while I’m working in hopes that people “stop by” and I will have a good excuse to take a break.

  5. says

    confession: i have not washed my jeans in a month. and i’m wearing them now – at work. and i don’t even feel all that bad about it.

    confession #2: i hope you post more about ben’s couch to 5k experience! i’m doing the runners world plan now (for like the 10th time) and i like to know that not everyone considers 8 miles a short run:)

    • says

      I hate washing my jeans because they’re always tighter after and I hate re-strentching them. I maybe wash mine once a month unless I spill something on them and I don’t feel bad about it. :)

  6. Colleen says

    Confession: I have changed the TP in a friend’s bathroom to fold over the top because it rolling from below annoys me so much.

  7. Rachel H says

    Confession – I have eaten several handfuls of dove chocolate hearts and we are still 4 days away from Valentine’s Day…

  8. says

    #1 – I just ate my afternoon snack in the car on the way back from lunch at home.

    #2 – I used to make the puppy chow mixture in smaller quantities and put it over any cereal I had on hand (like Crispix or Rice Krispies) and eat it for dessert at night.

  9. says

    omg i LOVE puppy chow. i’m dangerous around that stuff!

    confession–my hubs is out of town so i’m purposefully eating the stuff i normally don’t want to share with him (like lots and lots of kale chips–lame, but we always fight over them!)

  10. says

    1) I yell at my husband from drinking straight from the orange juice jug. But when he isn’t looking, I drink from it. Whoops.
    2) When it’s ‘that time of the month’, my husband is EXTRA nice to me (actually does housework without me asking, goes to the store and gets me treats to make me feel better, etc.). Sometimes I pretend I am still on my period so that the extra special treatment lasts a day or two longer. Is that bad? :)

  11. Amy says

    Puppy Chow…confession I will make this as a treat for my friends coming on Saturday but really just because I am now craving it.

    Confession: I use any excuse I can to make desserts…my two year old is a good one. Someone has to teach her to bake right!

  12. Kristin says

    Confession: I’m a nutrition student, but I eat food thats terrible for me because I’m afraid I’ll have to actually give it up one day. haha. terrible way to look at things i know.

  13. says

    Confession: I have made puppy chow before and spilled it all over the floor in the process of shaking it with the powdered sugar. I may have still eaten a good portion of it before throwing it away. Whoops!

  14. Shellie says

    I really really wanted “6 Week 6 Pack” but went with a different workout DVD because it cost less than my $10 Target gift card. I really hate the other DVD I went with.

  15. says

    hahaha. i like the way you think :)

    confession: i ate ice cream at 12:30AM this morning because i wanted to drown my sorrows since my guy was headed to germany to be in the Army and i won’t see him for a longggg time :(


  16. says

    These are hilarious! I give away puppy chow (monkey munch) at christmas in tins!

    Confession: My favorite lunch ever is a sleeve of saltines and ginger ale. And I will pour the crumbs from the sleeve into my mouth – even sitting in my cubicle at work.

  17. Cassie says

    Confession: I ate a delicious lunch and then ice cream. Lots of ice cream. I’m just telling myself I needed all the calcium!

  18. says

    Confession: I strongly considered having the WW hot spinach dip leftover from Superbowl Sunday as my breakfast this morning. I was “good” and ate oatmeal. But I think I’ll be having it for lunch. :)

  19. Bianca says

    Confession: I don’t think I would have any interest in runing long distances if other people didn’t seem so impressed by it.

  20. says

    omg this is a great post girl- love the confession!

    Confession: It’s 12:30 and I am still at home, in pjs, needing to finish my presentation for tomorrow..and get ready for my night class TONIGHT..alas I am still blogging/stalking other people’s blogs ;) opps!

  21. julia says

    Confession: I really wish I brought girl scout cookies to work for an afternoon snack instead of a banana and an apple!

  22. Christine says

    I’d love the Jillian DVD- can’t believeI’ve never actually done any Jillian workouts!

    Confession: I ate an ice cream sandwich yesterday for an after breakfast snack.

  23. says

    its gross but I sometimes eat Miracle Whip with only a spoon. i dont know what it is about that artificial mayo but is is freaking good.


  24. says

    Confession: I didn’t run like I was supposed to this morning, and now I have to sub BodyPump tonight… I might try to run before… but I might not.

    And I’m going to go get peanut butter m&ms from the vendo at work now.

  25. says

    I thought Ben was wearing suspenders in that picture. Turns out it’s his backpack, but for the record, I like suspenders! I can imagine it would be hard to turn down a free entry for a marathon (and the shirt! think of the shirt!). ;)

    I’d love to bring Jillian into my living room to yell at me.

  26. Alexandra says

    confession: ive been sick in bed all week so naturally the only cure was eating ice cream straight from the carton in bed.. multiple times :)

  27. says

    My husband and I talk about Bring your Dog to Work Day all the time! My related confession: I talk to my dog like he understands me all the time. He really enjoys it, I can tell. :)

    Also, Cracklin Oat Brad should just be called “crack”. Have you tried making oats with 1/2 water 1/2 almond milk? That’s my tried and true method.

  28. Kati says

    I’ll buy cereal, crack it open and somehow manage to down the whole box in less than 24 hours. Confession: Post-binge I immediately go to the store and by the exact same cereal so my boyfriend doesn’t notice. : / Cereal is so good!

  29. says

    Ohh I’ve wanted to try that for so long! I have The Shred, and love it, especially when I’ve done it enough that I can mute Jillian. ;)

    Confession: If you met me at 3-5p on Fridays in my office, you probably wouldn’t want to be my friend. I get wacky and run around my office doing weird things.

  30. says

    I love this post! Let’s see, a good confession…

    1. I take pictures of myself with my phone because they make me look “thinner.”

    2. I worry that I secretly like one of my cats more than the other. Yup, I prefer the anti-social one =)

    5. I always put an entire banana in my oatmeal and sometimes I splurge and add peanut butter and chocolate chips. So delicious =)

  31. Jen G. says

    Confession: I’m a little ticked at you because I’m snowed in and now craving Puppy Chow. And I don’t have all the ingredients on hand.

  32. says

    Love this post – great confessions!

    Confession: Sometimes I take the subway 1 stop to the gym to avoid walking through Times Square. It’s too crowded and bright for me.

    Confession: I don’t know why I should be wearing primer. Also, I don’t care.

  33. says

    Even though I tend to think I’m hardcore about running, I confess that it takes me arguing with myself (about whether or not to just skip it) for about 20 minutes each and every time. Just do it already. Sheesh! I should just skip the argument and be done 20 minutes earlier.

  34. LindzGreerIndy says

    Confession: Sometimes I want to skip class and just go to Barnes & Noble and wander instead of going home to my daughter and husband…a free night would be nice :-/

    Also, about to tweet this giveaway :)

  35. says

    Great giveaway!

    Confession: I end way too many days eating a half a bag of cereal. I always say that I’ll start over the next day, and I always do…until night takes over. Boo. :(

  36. says

    I would love to have that DVD! I really like all Jillian/Bob/Biggest Loser DVDs!

    Confession: I think I am more productive when I have more to do. I am not working currently as I went back to school but I think I actually get more accomplished when I have more on my plate.

    Confession #2: I wish I was a super organized person. I would love to have lots of money to spend on containers, labels, etc. But then I would actually have to motivate to organize it…and back to confession #1.

  37. Amanda says

    Confession: I rework song lyrics to rhyme with my cats nicknames and sing them to my cats…… yeeaaahhhhh….. I’m steadily climbing toward ‘crazy old cat lady status’. Bonus: my cat Yoda enjoys her songs (I think) & my boyfriend sings one of the less-weird songs.

  38. says

    Confession: I called my brother yesterday. He meant to hit ignore cause he was at work (he works at a fancy restaurant), but answered instead. Like the creeper I am, I just sat there and listened while he tried to take someone’s dinner order. Can’t decide if that puts me in the “how cute that you miss your brother so much” or the “wow, you might actually be dangerous if this ever escalates” category.

  39. Maren says

    I gave up tanning about a year ago and I started going again. I preach how bad it is, but I have been suffering from SAD this winter and it is helping me tremendously!…or at least that’s my excuse! Thanks for the giveaway! Jillian Michaels is a beast!!

  40. says

    haha, i love puppy chow! so good. my mom makes it and sends it via care packages – never too old for those ;)…

    my confession – i have silverware at my work desk and i was half way through lunch TODAY before i realized that i never washed my fork after lunch YESTERDAY. oops.

  41. says

    I hardly eat junkfood but had a gluten test for today so I used it as an excuse to eat donuts, brownies, bagels, and everything else gluten that I don’t normally eat, just because it was the last time I might be able to eat it. :-)

  42. says

    I’m super bad at squatting. I was just telling my friends this the other day. They were surprised that I don’t just sit on the toilets at work. They seem to think that because the toilets are at work, they are somehow cleaner. I beg to differ.

    I live in the D.C. area. As I look out my window at the bright sunny chilly day, I am so happy we aren’t having that craptastic weather this year.

  43. says

    So I looked through and saw a couple confessions that other people have posted that I must confess to – I eat oatmeal every morning and will probably never get sick of it. I have also spent most of my day blog-hopping instead of working. Whoops. For a new confession – I like eating cold pasta with nothing on it. I eat it so fast that I get the hiccups. But that never slows me down!

  44. says

    Confession: I’m a Real Housewives addict. Every season, no matter what! It’s a problem.

    2nd Confession: I asked for a Kindle for my birthday because I thought I would LOVE it and now I wish I could just read regular books. :(

  45. says

    I am actually a little bit happy that my boyfriend is going camping without me this weekend so that I can have the apartment and the remote all to myself! Also, so that I can eat mac and cheese non-stop without feeling bad that he can’t have any.

  46. Laura says

    I went out of my way to Whole Foods during my lunch break because going there at 5:00 annoys the hell out of me because of all the people.

  47. says

    Ok… so what I love about you is the fact that you share things that no one else will! I find my broken toe nails fascinating as well… but have never thought to tell anyone that!
    I am also a bad squatter in public bathrooms. Or maybe I’m just lazy and I don’t care. I went through a phase of triple layering toilet paper on the seat… and now I’m just over it.
    Another confession- I have a shopping addiction! I used to hide my purchases from my parents, and now I hide them from my husband! I recently sold my car and now I’m trying to figure out a better hiding place than the truck of the car : )

  48. Ellen says

    confession: When I was at the gym yesterday I scoffed about cnn covering Lindsay Lohan’s arrival at court when there were more important things, like Egypt, to cover. Secretly I kindof enjoyed the frivolous break and wished I owned the dress she was wearing.

    confession 2: I’m a major blog lurker and am always a little embarrassed when I step outside of google reader and leave a comment. I’m not sure why.

  49. says

    Confession: I ate the rest of the ice cream and when Gamar asked if I saved him some I said there was only a little left….there wasn’t a little left and no I did not save him any.

  50. says

    confession: i’ve been counting down the time until i can leave work….since the second i pulled into the lot. it’s going to be one of those days!

  51. Meg says

    My boyfriend and I both started Weight Watchers on Jan 1. He’s lost 30 pounds and I’ve lost 7, all of which I lost in the first three weeks–I’ve plateaued since. My confession is that while I’m super proud of him for losing the weight, I’m also really jealous!

  52. Lungs says

    My confession is partly in response to Megan’s, who said she was halfway through lunch before she realized she hadn’t washed her silverware since yesterday’s lunch.

    I NEVER wash my lunch silverware. It’s always just salad and I lick the fork at the end of each meal and… I just don’t care.

    I do care about the video though and would love to win it!

  53. Meghan says

    Your posts never fail to entertain me!

    Confession: I “stole” two handfuls of tootsie rolls from my gym today. They are my favorite thing to pop mid long run!

  54. Nicole says

    Confession: I eat all the cookie dough from the ice cream right from the container and then eat the ice cream. I also eat ice cream or a yummy dessert nightly. (Trying to break this habit!) :)

  55. Kelsey R says

    I was so lazy last night that I went out in negative temperatures to get Chipotle for dinner….in my pajamas….without putting my bra back on! I mean I had a coat on and all….haha

  56. says

    Confession – I spent an hour sitting and drinking coffee before work this morning and six minutes getting dressed/doing my hair/attempting to look slightly different from the way I did when I got out of bed.

    Don’t enter me in the contest though, I already have Jillian, and I’ve already done the whole six week challenge and posted a review.

  57. Kelly says

    My confession: I won’t buy CoCo Puffs for my kids because it has 0 nutritional value, but have no trouble polishing off a box myself.

  58. says

    Confession: I think it too me much longer than most to learn to appreciate alcohol because I was afraid of drinking my calories. Silly, silly girl.

  59. Karen says

    Confession: I sometimes use the same plate and cup for breakfast lunch and dinner because I hate doing dishes SO much! Hey, if I rinse and dry right after use, it LOOKS clean! haha

    Love your blog BTW, you’re so funny :)

  60. Kat says

    Confession – I spent over half of the Surf City Half running straight but looking left hoping I’d see you out there. Kinda like my own celebrity sighting. Sadly, I didn’t see you. Maybe next race. :)

  61. Jessica says

    Confession: I ate an entire jar of Naturally More Peanut Butter in one sitting a few weeks ago. I was going through PB withdrawals and just lost it. Darn those trigger foods!

  62. says

    Confession: I am the pickiest eater in the world. I can’t even begin to explain what foods I like and what I don’t because there are so many exceptions to each thing. And I have strong opinions about what goes together. (Although I’m fine with whatever someone else wants to eat, as long as I don’t have to eat it!)

    Oh my gosh, Chex Mix is addictive! But I don’t like puppy chow; I love this toffee mix from the Pioneer Woman:

  63. says

    Ive been looking for this dvd everytime i go in to a store and cant find it anywhere!

    I also go to the bathroom ALL the time. And i could care less where i go as long as i go. Priorities right?

    And puppy chow=the greatest thing every and i have no control over either haha.

    Lets see, my confession… I hate buying splenda/stevia since its free at any coffeeshop/gas station. So everytime i go in i load my purse. My moms convinced im going to get arrested for this!

    • sally kate says

      tell your mom that everyones done this once. or twice. and sometimes you can get the flavored creamer cups when your in a bind as well :)

  64. Mary says

    Confession: Even though I said I would never do it, I want to move near my parents. Not because it’s where they live, but because it would mean a much shorter commute for my husband who currently drives 80 miles one way to get to work M-F.

  65. Sharon says

    I had two bowls of icecream yesterday. I feel horrible about it since I’ve been eating it every night, than had TWO bowls. I am thinking I should forgive myself, it is winter so who cares till spring?? :)

  66. says

    I confess that my job is going to become horribly depressing when my brother leaves on his world tour in a few months. Every few hours he wanders into my office with some weird theory (currently: if everyone did coke the world would be a more productive place). It is soooooo amusing, and breaks up the monotony of the day. I don’t know how I’m going to deal without that.

  67. beth says

    I always put my beaver sweet n hot mustard in a little side cup in the cafeteria so i don’t have to pay for it since sandwiches are weighed and i LOVE condiments and put A@! loads on!

  68. says

    I confess that I’m starting to accept that I really don’t like chocolate that much- no matter how much I try to convince myself since other people rave about how much they love it.. I prefer vanilla! XP
    I’ve realized this everytime I get a swirl frozen yogurt, and find myself gravitating towards the vanilla side >.<""

  69. sally kate says

    I have eaten half a tub of an already opened mint chocolate chip ice cream at a house I was house sitting for and hoped they wouldn’t notice how much was gone when they got back.

    • sally kate says

      also i blame a certain gallon sized bag of puppy chow that was made by my best friends mom and given to me at christmas for all of my holiday weight gain. it traveled across country. i had to eat it. all. in 3 days.

  70. says

    Confession: I have a phobia of drinking water out of plastic tupperware style cups. I just can’t do it.

    :) I need a little Jillian Michaels ab rehab. Woo hoo!!

  71. says

    Holy crap, you get a lot of comments when you do a giveaway!

    I try to get my husband to take the dog to work too, but it also doesn’t work :)

    My confession: I had ice cream after lunch and I’m still going to have dessert tonight. Also, I gave my baby 2 french fries at lunch. Baby abuse!

  72. Yasmin says

    OMG, I had no idea Jillian has a new DVD out now! I have all the BL and JM DVD’s and this would totally round out my collection. I have a confession….I am addicted to reality TV and spend way too much on groceries for one person!

  73. D says

    My confession is…last night as I was preparing my overnight oats, they looked so good that they became “pre-bed oats”…

  74. says

    Confession: I’m getting to the age where I’m supposed to be starting to get baby fever…but all I want right now is a kitten! (shh don’t tell my mom)

  75. says

    hehee…I think the bread debate is warranted! I have bagel thins, english muffins, AND regular bread just to cover all my bread cravings. A girl has to be prepared.

    Thanks for the giveaway too! JM scares the holy crap out of me but she is good.

  76. Christina says

    My confession is that I really want some puppy chow right now. I’m just too lazy to make it. :)
    My other confession is that I love Star Trek and I’m not really that ashamed to admit it.

  77. Susan says

    My confession- I don’t like puppy chow! I think it’s the powdered sugar. I do unfortunately like thin mints and have eaten almost an entire box in the last week.

  78. Olivia N. says

    Confession: I measure out 1 tablespoon of peanut butter every morning for my oats, but I still dip into the jar with my spoon and probably eat a whole extra tablespoon while my oats are cooking.

  79. Beth says

    My confession is I should be working right now, but I just had to take a break to read your blog. (Do I get bonus points for sucking up? :-P)

  80. says

    Sometimes I figure that the jar of peanut butter is really only 2 or 3 servings, instead of 14. Who eats only 2 tbsp of PB at a time??

  81. Allison W. says

    This is horrible but I secretly would like to have a tapeworm so I lose a bunch of weight and then can eat an entire pizza from Little Caesar’s. They’re only $5 and I drove by a location everyday for 3 years and never even got a slice. I just remember how good that pizza was from back when I was a kid at birthday parties!

  82. melissa says

    i confess that no matter what i do, i will never-ever love water.
    its makes me pee like crazy and its boring.
    so. so.

  83. Carly says

    I stumbled upon your blog one day and have been hooked ever since. Reading your posts have come part of my daily routine. I even find myself talking about you–people look at me like I’m a crazy person with an imaginary friend when I say, “Oh and the other day Monica said she says certain words with a Spanish accent and other words without…” So my ultimate confession is, I’m addicted to RER!!!

  84. Tristan says

    Confession: I saw you running on the same trail I run on. Since I’m apparently socially awkward, I felt too shy to say hi. I went home and told my husband how excited I was to see you, but he thought I was lame for not saying hi. So if you see some crazy girl waving at you on the trail, it’s just me :)

      • Tristan says

        It was a couple of weeks ago. I always run in the late afternoons because of my work schedule, but I had taken a day off and ran in the morning. I always look and sound like I’m dying when I run. You were probably too afraid I’d keel over if I had to say “good morning” back, lol :)

      • Tristan says

        I know, right?! I always say “hi” to people I pass, but all I could do when I saw her was think “holy crap, that’s Monica!”.

  85. Kimberly says

    Confession: I bought a HUGE brownie for lunch and told myself I was going to eat half today and half tomorrow. I looked down 2 minutes later and the only thing left was crumbs and the wrapper… I had good intentions.

  86. says

    Confession: I was born and raised in Columbia, MD and have absolutely no idea how you could possibly miss such a place!?! But I suppose that is the disadvantage of being from somewhere – you can never truly appreciate it or see it with fresh eyes.

  87. Lindsay@Brownies For Brunch says

    Confession: I keep a whole box of Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares cereal stashed in the bottom of my pantry because the second I bring it out into the light, it will be gone that day thanks to my family….

  88. Kristin says

    Confession: I went to the gym yesterday, got on the treadmill, ran 0.28 miles, and went home. Clearly I just wasn’t feeling it…I’m declaring it a rest day and moving on. :)

  89. stacey says

    Confession: I am completely addicted to Diet Pepsi and drink at least 20 oz every day, if not more. So bad for me, but I just can’t stop!

  90. Jenn Haas says

    I want to win!! I need abs before May cause I got a cruise to Grand Cayman planned :) I confess that I eat peanut butter with my finger out of the jar and chug almond milk from the carton to wash it down (then I yell at my husband when I see him eating leftovers from the container and putting it back). Ha.

  91. Michelle says

    Omg. I love puppy chow. will you please come over and make it at my house? You’ll have to come all the way to Boston but I have all the ingredients…

  92. says

    Confession: the thing I miss the most about living alone in my studio apartment is eating dinner in my comfy bed (nowhere else to go!) so now when my fiancé is out or not paying attention I do it in secret ;)

  93. Nicole says

    I was ill this past week and ate nothing but peanut butter and jellies on flour tortillas and macaroni with margarine and salt. No veggies no fruit. My veins feels sludgy as all-I NEED this DVD!

  94. says

    I need Jillian’s ab DVD. My abs look like a bowl of butter.

    Is it the L.A. marathon? I’ve always wanted to do it. but I can’t barely run 3 miles…let alone 26.

  95. Jessie says

    My confession: I pretty much just ate oatmeal this morning for the chocolate peanut butter on top. It was a good decision.

  96. Taryn says

    I confess: Today I got chocolates from one of my students and I stuck my finger in all 12 before deciding which one to eat…then….I ate 5!! Did I mention that I DO NOT like Valentine’s Day?!?! ;-)

  97. Allison says

    I tell my kids that they have to eat sitting down at tad table and Chen I will go into the kitchen and stand there and eat cookies.

  98. Vanessa says

    I have a couple of confessions. 1. I sometimes eat the snacks that parents bring in for my first grade students (like golfish crackers). 2. I faked sick two weeks ago, stayed in bed and then went on a long run). 3. I’m addicted to blogs!! Seriously, I can’t quit subscribing to every single one that is about running, baking, or teaching.

  99. Karla says

    Confession: I eat a large pb cup blizzard at least 2 times per week (on top of a lot of other “junk”) and don’t feel guilty.

  100. says

    Every Friday on my drive home from work, I listen to “Ignition: Remix” just because R Kelly says “It’s the freakin’ weekend”.

    No judgment, right??

  101. Malika says

    Confession: I’ve eaten like 2 servings of ICE CREAM for breakfast.. And It’s happened more than once… :/ But I try not to feel bad because It rarely happens and when It does.. IT’S AMAZING.

  102. Hillary says

    My confession is that I just baked pumpkin bread and instead of making one big loaf, I made one medium to take to share and then one mini sized on with the addition of peanut butter and some hershey kisses and ate it all myself.

  103. Heather C says

    haha I love confession Thursday on RER!

    My confession, hmm, the last two days have me wanting to not get out of bed for the next two.
    That’s not juicy, but true.

  104. heatherfeather says

    my name is heather and i have a confession: i love cherries… and a few times the bag has not lasted from the grocery store to the refrigerator

  105. Liz says

    Those doors look familiar…are those ones by the HB pier? If so, in a moment of desperation, I’ve been there, done that! Confession: I’m a business traveler addicted to H2O out of my Camelbak bottle so I use LOTS of facilities that I’m not particularly proud of. Ugh.

  106. Katie R says

    Confession…I’m really not big on showering. I mean if I workout today and I know I am going to workout tomorrow, what’s the point in showering? If I dry off and put on clean clothes and deodorant…I’m all ‘clean’!

    • Elizabeth says

      I do the same “my friend…”trick!! But he started it – we met online (through Craiglist, srsly, but not in a gross way), and we say that we met through friends. The internet, it is our friend.

      • says

        OMG! My husband and I met on line through a somewhat shady site (but we were legit, I swear!!) and tell his family it was through a friend, since the internet is our friend and they think internet dating is creepy! Haha! I love it!

  107. says

    I totally dropped my pb rice cake on the floor this morning and picked it up and ate it…I didn’t even kiss it up to

    I linked you on my blog last night..because I was telling everyone (just the three people who read my blog) how excited I am that you will be at FitBloggin!!!

  108. blair says

    I confess to having an unhealthy love for sprinkles. Not only can a not eat ice cream without them, but I often find myself just dumping a pile into my hand to eat straight.

  109. Danielle says

    Confession: I think that eating the slices of cake that I cut to make the edges even don’t count in the calorie department…

  110. amanda says

    I’m Catholic too, so I understand the good feeling of a confession, so heres mine: I don’t have a fancy runner’s watch (or any watch for the matter), so I carry a kitchen timer with me on my training runs :)

  111. Becky says

    Confession: I’ve been reading your blog for two years every single day and NEVER posted a comment. I’m super pumped

    Confession: Sometimes I eat a bowl of DRY rolled oats with chocolate chips and cinnamon and a little bit of salt and I think it tastes just like an oatmeal cookie. For serious.

    Confession: I’m jewish but I grew up in Irish Catholic boston, so I was always super jealous of the kids that got to go to confession.

    which is why I did 3 instead of just one!


  112. maja says

    confession: i tell everyone my favorite movie is Good Will Hunting, but really it’s Clueless. i could watch it everyday and not get sick of it! i also ate a HoHo for dessert tonight. so fake, but sooo delicious.

  113. says

    Ha! Confession = I’m the first one to get to work in the morning and I’ve been late every day this week. But no one knows b/c even if I’m a half hour late I’m still the first one here. And I still leave at my normal time!

  114. says

    It’s amazing as I read all of these how many I have done myself or do on a regular basis, apparently I have a lot of confessions! I thought of one more this morning though…
    confession: Any french fries or tater tots, etc. that are not in their container and rather in the bag I have dubbed “bag” fill in the blank and they have no calories. Always :)

  115. Sherry says

    I have been stalking, I mean reading, your blog for awhile now and love it, I just wanted to let you know! Keep doing what you’re doing!

    Confession: I make 2 seperate meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I make breakfast, lunch, and dinner for my husband and my kiddos and then while they’re eating I make my own meal. I have to do this because no one wants to eat as healthy as me.

    Confession #2: I hide healthy things in the meals I make for my husband and kids. So funny because they always LOVE whatever I make and always talk bad about the food I make myself. Little do they know what’s really in their food. Shhh don’t tell. :)

  116. zoe kimberly says

    CONFESSION: No matter how much fro-yo I eat, I always count it (food journal wise) as only “one serving.”
    Like that one, Monica?

  117. says

    Confession- I’m going to New Orleans tonight with ny husband til Tuesday… We are bringing a huge suitcase, 2 duffel bags and m purse and about 99% of that is all for my stuff… My poor husband!

  118. says

    Confession: When I want the people I supervise at work to do a task I know they won’t want to do, I always say “(Manager’s name) wanted you to…” Makes life so much easier:-)

  119. Virginia says

    I was super healthy yesterday, focusing on fruits, veggies, and whole grains, even went for a run in the snow….until my bf made brownies and I had 2. Oops.

  120. Cee says

    I’ve eaten fast food two days in a row with no excuses (just went to the grocery, in fact, and bought healthy foods).

  121. says

    I love confessions they make me guilt free so I can indulge in cookies n cream.

    Confession: I use to have hemorrhoids but I didn’t get them from a gas station bathroom, I got them because I use to be was always constipated!!!

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