Easily Influenced


I am a sucker. I see something advertised on TV and I want it. I see someone try a new flavor of yogurt/cereal/other and I want to try it too. Ben calls me a “marketer’s dream” every time I exclaim that I MUST HAVE xy or z. Don’t even get me started on seeing “New!” on a product at the store. Most of the time the influence is good. This is mainly because I read healthy living … [Read more...]

You Run L.A.


I ate breakfast before exercising today (I just realized I don’t use the word “workout”) because I’m planning on heading to the gym. Since I’m studying to be certified as a Personal Trainer I’ve been trying to take more classes and talk with the instructors as much as possible. Everyone has a different method and it’s good to learn from different people! But, I’ll always … [Read more...]

I Ate Onion Rings


True Love… But first my dinner…  I had a meeting with my new friend (Hi Karynsue!) we are trying to start a Girls on the Run Chapter in Orange County and apparently it’s a ton of work! We had a lot to chat about. Karynsue is vegan and started with an artichoke. They scare me, so I didn’t have any… But, I do like triangle plates and the saying, “Okie dokie artichokie!” … [Read more...]

Meatloaf Cupcakes


I like Ben. Ben likes me meat. Sometimes, in order for me to get Ben to like me more I make him meat. But, I’d rather make cupcakes (or cookies or pancakes). In order to make us both happy I combined the two and created Meatloaf Cupcakes! They’re guaranteed to convince your man he needs more cupcakes in his life (and hopefully a trip to the bakery will ensue). Since I … [Read more...]