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I am a sucker. I see something advertised on TV and I want it. I see someone try a new flavor of yogurt/cereal/other and I want to try it too. Ben calls me a “marketer’s dream” every time I exclaim that I MUST HAVE xy or z. Don’t even get me started on seeing “New!” on a product at the store.IMG 7871 thumb Easily Influenced

Most of the time the influence is good. This is mainly because I read healthy living blogs that show pictures of healthy food that’s good for me. If I spent more time on “This is why You’re Fat” I’d probably be in trouble.

But, I have wondered if these blogs ever do a disservice to my taste buds.

After reading 16 blogs in a row that show oatmeal for breakfast I want to eat oatmeal too! But wait – I don’t really like oats for breakfast. (I don’t hate em, but I’d rather have something else.)

This doesn’t really happen with anything else. Well oatmeal, and the rampant nut butter addiction that has plagued the blog world for years. That one I’m totally on board with though wlEmoticon winkingsmile10 Easily Influenced

I know I would eat exactly the same if I didn’t blog. This is just me. But I wonder if I don’t dream up new recipes of my own because there are so many good ones already out there. Does that make sense?

Lunch: Leftovers from last night.IMG 8388 thumb Easily Influenced

With a side of tiny roses wlEmoticon smile17 Easily InfluencedIMG 8386 thumb Easily Influenced

Winner of the Jillian 6 Week Six Pack: janae @hungryrunnergirl.com

Janae, send me your info!

Question: Are you easily influenced by Blogs / TV / Your friends?


  1. says

    i love the roses! i can be easily influenced by others / my friends / tv / anything. but only if i’m ambivalent about it in the first place. if i have my heart set on something i can be stubborn as all hell

  2. Carly says

    I am the same way! I don’t have television at my house, thank god! Otherwise I too would be a “marketer’s dream”. I see something advertised on tv and I think I have to have it. I’m the same way when it comes to blogs and friends. Although, I am easier pursuaded when it is something that is a positive benefit on my life.

  3. says

    I’m guilty of being easily influenced by blogs! If not for blogs, I never would have tried almond milk, almond butter, white chocolate wonderful, nutritional yeast, TVP, greek yogurt, or stevia. So yah.. easily influenced!

  4. says

    The oatmeal for breakfast thing every single day from dozens of bloggers kinda drives me crazy. I know many of them get creative with it and sometimes they’re gorgeous pictures, etc….but do they really all have to eat oatmeal? Lol!

    Maybe I have oatmeal envy. I desperately want to like oatmeal, but no matter how many times I try it (and boy have I tried it more in the last couple years of reading food/health bloggers than ever before), it’s just not for me. Bah humbug.

  5. says

    I can’t remember how I ate before I read blogs! But…my fiance is SO influenced by ads…specifically if a product is good or not. He’s a name brand snob too but I am slowly breaking him of that. Generic all the way baby!

  6. says

    I am so easily influences by TV and other ads – especially when it comes to food! Anything new and I am running out the door to find and try. Same goes for at the grocery store!

  7. says

    My boyfriend calls me a marketers dream too. Since he is in marketing, I frequently question if he means that I am his dream or just a marketer’s dream in general because I am a sucker for advertising too. I’m thinking he means in general since I fall for all the advertising tricks out there. The one that usually gets me the worst is “limited time offers.”

  8. says

    This past summer I kept seeing every single blogger I read eating self-serve fro-yo. I was so jealous because there wasn’t a single place like that near me! Now there are two and I realized that it’s way too easy to eat a meal’s worth of calories in about two seconds while still being hungry! Definitely wasn’t a good thing!

  9. says

    Haha, I can totally relate on being a sucker for advertisements. I’m the worse when I’m actually watching sporting events and there are ads all over the place.

  10. says

    I’m a bit of a sucker for the food on blogs but I’m more likely to get all excited for delicious looking cookies I can bake on my own. Usually they turn out good and I eat WAY too many!

    Unlike 97% of the blog world I’m not a fan of oatmeal or nut butter…I feel like such an outcast… I’ve tried to acquire the taste for both and it just doesn’t happen!

  11. says

    I totally get sucked into infomericals and want to buy everything on them. My latest infomerical obsession is that ninja blender. That thing looks awesome and I need it. Never mind that I already own a perfectly fine blender.

  12. Bee says

    I am certainly influenced by food and fitness blogs! Like you I don’t really go for oats in the morning but when I doscovered Overnight Oats on the blogosphere I knew I had to try it and I love them! Totally converted. As with fitness and running blogs, Run Eat Repeat and various other running blogs have really motivated me. I would certainly be a runner regardless, but whenever I feel unmotivated to go out for that gruelling run, blogs like yours make me put on my running shoes and get out there!

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