I Ate Onion Rings

True Love… IMG 8374 thumb I Ate Onion Rings

But first my dinner… 

I had a meeting with my new friend (Hi Karynsue!) we are trying to start a Girls on the Run Chapter in Orange County and apparently it’s a ton of work! We had a lot to chat about. Karynsue is vegan and started with an artichoke. They scare me, so I didn’t have any…IMG 8358 thumb I Ate Onion Rings

But, I do like triangle plates and the saying, “Okie dokie artichokie!”

IMG 8357 thumb I Ate Onion Rings

I started with a boring ol’ salad, but that Ranch dressing was amaze. IMG 8355 thumb I Ate Onion Rings

For my main course I ordered Onion Rings…IMG 8361 thumb I Ate Onion Rings

with a side of Tuna Sandwich wlEmoticon winkingsmile9 I Ate Onion Rings

IMG 8360 thumb I Ate Onion Rings

I usually keep my onion ring ordering for when Ben is around, but these were all mine. Maybe I should write a book on how not to lose weight. I bet you all could learn a thing or two.

Ben was pretty impressed with my Meatloaf Cupcakes. Mission accomplished. And I got ice cream (page 22 in my book, “How to lose 0 pounds in 10 days”).

IMG 8370 thumb I Ate Onion Rings

I left the Meatloaf Cupcakes on the table for Ben’s dinner when he got home from work. This was our post-dinner convo-

Ben: “How did you make those?!

Me: “Maybe you should check a little website I write called Run, Eat, F-ing Repeat!”

Ben: “Do you own that domain?”


  1. Barbara6020 says

    monica, you definitely are the funniest health/food/fitness-blogger I know … so many other blogs lack that sense of humour … and irony!
    greetings from europe

  2. says

    Hilarious!!! I love those meatloaf cupcakes. Must try that. Onion rings and tuna salad? What a great combination. To be honest though, that sandwich scared me. That looks like a whole school of tuna in that thing! How did you ever get it in your mouth??

  3. says

    That tuna sandwich looks ginormous! Think of all of those healthy fats :)

    I’d kill someone for a bowl of Yogurtland and I’m only partially exaggerating

  4. says

    I love this post! You are too funny–yup I sometimes feel like I should write a blog post about What to Do to Not Lose Weight, haha. Your dinner looks delicious–I also love onion rings and frozen yogurt…Nom…

    By the way, you should give artichokes a try. Heat up some butter and dip the slices in, one by one. That’s the only way to eat them, at least according to the gospel of Katie =)

  5. says

    I would read that book :) I just had a croissant, another chapter for how not to lose weight! ha. Also love the meatloaf cupckes, they are so cute and look really good. I am going to make my valentine some pulled brisket, one of his favs.

  6. Kellie says

    I would love to help with girls on the run Orange County chapter. I am running again and would love to volunteer with GOTR. Email me if you have a chance.

  7. Destiny says

    Hi Monica – I work in Aliso Viejo and live in Costa Mesa and was sad that there were no GOTR chapters in the OC – I was able to work out something with my work and I will be an assistant coach at a school by cal state long beach on Mondays – I have to leave at 230 to be there at 330 but I think I should make it. I am very excited and knew I could not wait for a chapter in OC to start this journey – I am very interested to hear of your progress and would sign up in a heartbeat for any school in the OC. I meet the girls on 2/28!

    • says

      Hey Destiny! I considered helping in Long Beach, but just couldn’t swing it since Ben and I were a one car family and he needs it too. It sounds like we’re going to need all the help we can get. I’ll keep ya posted!

    • Kellie says

      I live in Costa Mesa too. I looked into Long Beach but couldn’t make it due to my kids schedules. I am so excited if we could get an OC chapter started.

      • Destiny says

        Hi Kellie! I was barely able to make Long Beach work out but thankfully my work was able to work something with me – I will be working 600-230 Mondays – I think an hour will be plenty of time – hopefully! When I went to training last Saturday I did mention my surprise that the OC did not have any chapters and I believe they only added Long Beach this season. Hopefully someday we will get a chapter – it was so awesome to meet the other coaches and everyones passion for this great program just shines through.

  8. says

    You know what is an amazing combo? Ranch and onion rings. So freaking delicious!

    Starting a GOTR chapter is so cool. I’d love to start one in my area.

  9. says

    Oh, my, god. Froyo is probably my most favorite thing riht now. It doesn’t help that I have one within walking distance of my house…. I live in a suburb!! i’m not supposed to have food within walking distance!

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