You Run L.A.

I ate breakfast before exercising today (I just realized I don’t use the word “workout”) because I’m planning on heading to the gym. Since I’m studying to be certified as a Personal Trainer I’ve been trying to take more classes and talk with the instructors as much as possible. Everyone has a different method and it’s good to learn from different people!

But, I’ll always prefer a run on the streets wlEmoticon smile16 You Run L.A.

It’s French Toast Friday!!!

IMG 8376 thumb You Run L.A.

I made these babies with 2 pieces of Cinnamon Raisin bread, egg mix, PB, half a banana, chia seeds and syrup.

IMG 8377 thumb You Run L.A.

I love when the nut butter gets all warm and drippy. Wait. Never mind.

IMG 8382 thumb You Run L.A.IMG 8384 thumb You Run L.A.

Want to run Los Angeles?

No, I don’t mean run for major – I heard this guy has it down.villaragoisa thumb You Run L.A.

I mean RUN THE L.A. Marathon??? LA Marathon thumb You Run L.A.

Remember when I attended the Salonpas Pain Relief Patches Event a few weeks ago? Well, the company offered to give one RER reader entry into the Los Angeles Marathon.

In 37 days you can Run LA!

To Enter: Leave a comment. You must be able to get to the LA area March 20th. Please only enter if you will be here wlEmoticon smile16 You Run L.A. You don’t have to run it, you can walk it too!

I will choose a winner Saturday by 11am, so you’ll know by tomorrow if you should be getting those long runs in!

Speaking of crazy California… the governator thumb You Run L.A.

Flashback Friday – Since Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Governor of CA (up until last month) and I went to a California State University – I have his signature on my diploma. I think that’s funny wlEmoticon smile16 You Run L.A. FAM GRADUATION thumb You Run L.A.

If you need a good laugh or to know that you’re not weird – read the Confession entries on yesterday’s post. Apparently there are a lot of us who had some confessing to do! I’ll choose the winner of that contest at lunch.


  1. Courtney says

    Oooh, ooh, I definitely want to run LA!!!

    I love your blog and how “real” you always are. Thanks for being you!

  2. says

    OMG I want this so bad! Not for me because I entered awhile back but for my boyfriend who is contemplating doing it (only issue is $$). My first 2 marathons were with him and I’m kinda scared to run solo. Ahh! Major fingers crossed.

  3. says

    I’ve got this masochistic interest in seeing if I can get ready for a full marathon in 5 weeks. I wound up injured at week 14 of 16 in BOTH of my previous marathons, and think with my base now and 5 solid weeks of training I can get to the start line injury free.

    Anybody majoring in marathoning and need a thesis topic?

  4. Steph says

    I’m game! I would love to run the LA Marathon…I have been eyeing this marathon for months now :) Love your blog/tweets btw!

  5. says

    I’d love a free entry to the LA marathon. I was actually trying to procure a free entry just last week. It is a fast course that would definitely help me achieve the goal of qualifying for the trials. How serendipitous! I am slated to run a not so fast course the following weekend, so this would be perfect (and a lot closer!)

  6. says

    My husband would love to be able to run the L.A. Marathon! He was my very patient training partner leading up to Surf City (only I ran it) but he won’t sign himself up for L.A. because our budget is so tight. I would love to give him the opportunity to run 26.2 that I had. He totally deserves it after pulling me through on my long runs week after week.

  7. says

    French toast Friday? Does that mean I “have to” eat french toast today >80
    (say yes, hehe..I was thinking of running the LA marathon, but of course I can’t pay for the registration, grr..! So I’d so love to be able to do it! It’d be my first marathon in the city I grew up (and still live) in! I remember last year a soccer guy in my neighborhood, I ‘d see him running in the mornings too. The day of the marathon I was walking down the street, he’d just gotten off of the Metro Gold line, proudly skipping off, with his race number and medal on, as if it had been nothing. XD Never talked to him, but even I felt proud!

  8. says

    I wish I could run LA… I’ll be there exactly one month later! I had french toast thursday yesterday and made it with peanut flour. It was amazing! It got all crusty and nutty and delicious.

  9. says

    I’m putting my hat into the ring to Run LA! I have been scoping out marathons this year and that one would be perfect.

    Also, fyi – you have the amazing ability to make toast and bananas look absolutely delicious!

  10. Wendy says

    I think that’s awesome that you have an LA marathon entry to give away! Please don’t include me because I’m already registered – but I just wanted to send good wishes to whoever wins…you will LOVE the course!

  11. Katie R says

    I have been contemplating running a marathon, so a free entry would be the motivation I need. The jump from 13.1 to 26.2 can’t be that bad, right ? :)

  12. Ashley C says

    I would love to run the LA marathon! I really want to run a marathon, the only things holding me back right now are mainly money and fear

  13. Bren says

    Hi there ! Came across your page . I’m extremely interested in running the LA Marathon . I’m a single mom to a beautiful 2 year old girl who joins me on daily jogs. I’ve been looking into signing up but it’s a bit costy . it would absolutely mean the world to me to run and have her meet me at the finish line . Thanks for your time .

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