Sore Loser


I am sore from Bootcamp on Friday. But I loved it. I don’t think it fits in with my schedule long term, but I will try to catch it again at some point   I am a loser because I ranted about how I refuse to refrigerate my condiments on Tuesday. And today when I grabbed the maple syrup for Pancake Sunday I noticed something weird… It had mold inside! Boo. I normally use … [Read more...]

This is what I call…


This is what I call… an Everything and the Kitchen Sink Salad. Cheetos, chickpeas, hummus, veggie mishmash…yep, it’s in there. This is what I call the world’s 2nd best yogurt. You know, after Pineapple Chobani   I call this my attempt at a fancy restaurant salad that fell flat because I used cheap dressing. Fantastic. This is what I call the  “Ben Special”. He … [Read more...]