This is what I call…

This is what I call… an Everything and the Kitchen Sink Salad. Cheetos, chickpeas, hummus, veggie mishmash…yep, it’s in there.


This is what I call the world’s 2nd best yogurt. You know, after Pineapple Chobani Smile 


I call this my attempt at a fancy restaurant salad that fell flat because I used cheap dressing. Fantastic.IMG_8424

This is what I call the  “Ben Special”. He puts eggs in EVERYTHING. Seriously.


So when I saw it on Meghann’s blog recently I knew I had to make it for him. Between this and the meatloaf cupcakes I estimate he loves me 3% more than he did last week Smile IMG_8429

I call this an “after dinner mint chocolate”. I believe these should conclude every meal. Even breakfast.


I call this the 3rd time today I’ve knocked over Vegas’ water. I’ve decided that it will dry up on it’s own eventually.


I call this a good Saturday, but lame post. Oh well…


  1. says

    You need to invest in a bowl placemat with edges to keep the water in, that way you don’t have to step in puddles when you’re trying to walk around in socks :)

    Cheetos in a salad? Haven’t tried it, but I like how you think!

    • says

      Dee-lish! I wanted some Cheetos, but didn’t want to dirty another plate so i put them on top. I didn’t plan on eating it all together, but when it did it was super good. It’s like croutons, but better :)

  2. Freshman says

    A hugely popular pizza place on campus serves their house salad with goldfish crackers on top…definitely the best idea ever. I’m sure Cheetos add a similar cheesy crunch!

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