Flowers or Candy

Happy Valentine’s Day! I started my day with chocolate. Well, it was chocolate coffee Smile 


I attempted a tempo run this morning, but the hill out killed me. At least the way back was a breeze. I’m convinced I live in a ditch and it’s hard to get away, but easy to roll run back.

When I got back I polished off the rest of the pineapple cottage cheese topped with chia seeds, a Vitatop, PB and cereal. It was perfect.


Less than a week ago I bought a plant from the 99 cent store. I love that place. IMG_8510

This is what it looks like as of this morning…IMG_8511

Nature is crazy! I love it.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Question: Would you rather get flowers or candy today?


  1. says

    Flowers for sure! But, at least for me, I feel so differently being married – I’m a total cheapskate and a poor teacher, so my attitude is sure, flowers are nice, but they’ll be dead in a week but if the money stays in the bank account it can be earning interest! Uhhh that sounded horrible, I guess I am not a romantic! My husband shows me he loves me all the time though, like making my lunch so I can lay on the couch when I’m tired after a long run, to me, that’s more romantic than flowers or candy!

  2. says

    Flowers! I have no self-control with candy. Honestly, though, I’d prefer a book or some new pajamas, or, even better the new Garmin I’ve been putting off. Unfortunately, my husband warned me before we started dating that he doesn’t “do” V-Day, so it’s all about the long run and fro-yo later :)

  3. Megan says

    Let’s get real. Candy. By “candy” we mean any sort of delicious edible Valentine’s treat. So candy. Love your blog so much Monica, it’s fricken hilarious and always brightens my day.

  4. says

    Can I say I’d prefer a diamond instead? 😉

    I love flowers but my cats eat them and then barf. Gross.

    I love chocolate. But I’m trying to eat less sugar.

    Yeah I’ll go with diamond this year.

  5. says

    Uh, I need to move to CA for your dollar store. My dollar store just sells strange candy and probably meth.

    Candy is the superior gift choice :)

  6. says

    Flowers! As that is my bestfriend’s (who was my “boyfriend”), last name! LOL. but I’d only choose flowers if they were in a pot or something. If they’re the cut kind that die, I’d rather have chocolates or candy. I don’t like seeing the flowers die D8<. However even if I don't eat the candy, someone will. ^_^

  7. says

    I already have candy in my pantry, so I would like flowers. Plus, candy is something that is so easy to buy yourself, but I rarely splurge on flowers. They’re kind of frivolous, but there one of those things I think are just so special. I love receiving flowers!

  8. says

    I love flowers. Flowers last way longer than candy. They smell great and continues to brighten my spirit for days. Candy, I eat it, it’s gone, now I feel like my hips just increased an inch.

  9. says

    if it’s a box of chocolates then i’d prefer the flowers as i don’t like all the ones in the boxes. but if it’s my favorite candy then HECK YES :)

  10. says

    Candy!! I see enough flowers outside! 😉 This year I was hoping for a purse…it had flowers on it ( does that count!??) I got candy. I bought it myself too. Happy Valentine’s day! :)

  11. says

    I would love to get a nice plant (much like your score at the $ store) I love to have greenery. Flowers are nice, but I would rather have a plant or something that we can both enjoy….this year I got new running sneaks, a shake weight (for a joke) and another gadget that is still on it’s way. We usually just get each other random gifts/cards/surprises for no reason, so we don’t really go all out. The sneaks I needed so I just told him to make it a gift 😉 My gift to myself is courtesy of YOUR blog- I have been sticking to intuitive eating for the past week and I feel A LOT better…I ditched the Weight Watchers numbers and am losing the need to obsess over numbers. Slowly, I am going to make it to a place where I can just enjoy and listen to my body :) So thanks for the gift, Valentine 😉

  12. says

    Neither. My husband and I don’t do flowers or candy. We do little things for one another. A couple of examples from today: He changed my desktop to a picture of Snoopy holding a heart. I collect Snoopys and I loved the surprise! He also changed his ringtone on my phone, so we he called it was him singing to me and wishing me a happy valentine’s day. LOVED it :)

  13. says

    Funny thing is my hubby asked me if I wanted flowers or chocolate and I said, “Flowers definitely! I don’t need any more chocolate!” Well he came home with TWO boxes of chocolates……no flowers. Oh well!

  14. Marcie says

    I opted out for both and requested he let me hire a housekeeper for the day to clean our house. He did!! Of course my co-worker and I split a box of thin mints!!! LOL

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