Love Mug

In honor of Valentine’s Day (and my Valentine) I had a mid-afternoon smoothie in my favorite mug.IMG 8525 thumb Love Mug

I got a set of Mr. and Mrs. mugs when I visited Disney World last April. Unfortunately, Ben’s broke on the trip home and I’ve been sad about it ever since. I refused to use my lonely mug until today. But, I’m still determined to buy a new set <3broken mug thumb Love Mug

Lunch was another kitchen sink salad…

IMG 8517 thumb Love Mug

and some blueberries in a carrot wlEmoticon smile24 Love Mug 

IMG 8519 thumb Love Mug

Ben and I don’t have plans for tonight, but I do plan on logging off the computer early to pay attention to him. v day heart thumb Love Mug


v day heart 2 thumb Love Mug

Flashback – Here’s my Valentine’s Day post from last year!


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    We have a set of Mr. and Mrs. Mugs that I LOVE! I would be so devastated if one of them broke. Have you checked online? There has to be another Mr. mug out there somewhere.

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    Love your blog! I’ve actually been reading and commenting for my work for a while now, but I’ve finally started my own blog, so I can finally comment from my own account…yay!

    Sorry about the mug…guess you have to go back to Disney World.

    Oh, and I totally have that same carrot dish! My fiance’s mother got it for me for Easter! The difference is use put blueberries in it and my usually has dark chocolate of some sort.

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    Happy belated Valentine’s Day, Monica! I love low key Valentine’s days, whether I’m single or in a relationship. Hey. quick question, do you eat your smoothies with a spoon or do you drink them?

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    I just recently got engaged last week :) AND we are going to disneyworld NEXT WEEK. Those mugs are SO cute, i may just have to pick some up for down the road when we go!

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