Fun Food Finds!!!


I had a massage today! It was part of signing up for my gym membership, cool huh. I told the therapist about my IT band history and she totally worked that area. It hurt. It feels better now though   My “everything and the kitchen sink” salads are getting ridiculous now. I threw my egg salad wrap right on top of it today! This is Trader Joe’s Spicy Ranchero egg white … [Read more...]

The Last Time


I had my last easy run for a long time today. I wasn’t feeling it and let myself walk the last mile back. This is the last time because I start training for my next race Friday! I cannot let myself off easy again for another 10 weeks! AHHH!!! For breakfast I had my last bowl of oat bran for a long time. It’ll be a while because I wanted something warm since it’s cold out, but … [Read more...]

Ask a Messy Monican

I had to go to a running group last night, but also had Ask a Monican questions to answer. So, this is me - post-run, no shower. And apparently I don’t own a hair brush… Sorry. Questions addressed: 1. Why I don’t feel the need to brush my hair, or really – practice regular hygiene at all. 2. How long should a marathon training program be? 3. What running gear do you NEED? … [Read more...]