This Is Embarrassing…


This is embarrassing to admit, but I’m headed to another CPR class today because I took the wrong one a month ago! Yeah, apparently I need CPR and AED and I took CPR and First Aide. Tragic. I’m extra mad at myself about this because I went to the wrong class last month the day after being super sick and traveling back home from FL   To add salt to the wound – I thought I … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday–Sink Explosion


Okay, maybe it’s not wordless, maybe it’s less-than-wordy Wednesday… My sink exploded. I’m back in love with greek yogurt (and cereal and chia seeds)  Oh, and I’m also hitting the hard stuff again. It’s not my proudest moment. Sourdough and Diet DP tie for the highlight of this meal… Ben is at a hockey game (totally random) and I am home alone with this. Send … [Read more...]