This Is Embarrassing…

This is embarrassing to admit, but I’m headed to another CPR class today because I took the wrong one a month ago! Yeah, apparently I need CPR and AED and I took CPR and First Aide. Tragic.

I’m extra mad at myself about this because I went to the wrong class last month the day after being super sick and traveling back home from FL wlEmoticon sadsmile9 This Is Embarrassing… 

To add salt to the wound – I thought I was going to have to give Ben a ride this morning, but he didn’t need it after all.   I found that out after I decided to postpone exercise to the afternoon. I’m totally a morning person, so I always prefer doing something active first thing in the a.m.

It’s also embarrassing to admit how fast I ate this breakfast sandwich…IMG 8646 thumb This Is Embarrassing…

and while we’re at it, I’m embarrassed about how good this cheese is – super sharp, from Costco, get it. IMG 8645 thumb This Is Embarrassing…

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’ll be stopping for an iced coffee on the way to class!

We’re supposed to be done by 1pm, so I hope to have lunch and do some Jillian 30 Day Shred before dinner.

See ya later!

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    Good luck with the shred, Monica! I have to admit, I tried it last week and quit after five minutes because it made me break a sweat, haha.

    I totally empathize with the early morning thing–that’s my most “active” time of the day too.

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    I’m glad you mentioned the CPR thing. I’ve heard of a lot of people taking the wrong class actually. I have to do the CPR and AED too for my credential. At least I hope I don’t have that mixed up…sorry you have to take it again!

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    Breakfast always seems to be eaten in record time for me, usually because I’m either rushing to get to the gym or missed the gym and am rushing to get to work lol. Working out in the mornings is AWESOME!! You get so much energy for the rest of the day!

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    Ugh! I would be so annoyed if I had to retake that class. I took it a few months ago and it was a killer. Oh well, at least you will be extremely trained now. If I ever need CPR, I’m coming to you. ;)

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