Confession Thursday–Yogurt Breath

Confession #1 : I made out with this guy for the second time in 2011 today.

IMG 8650 thumb Confession Thursday–Yogurt Breath

Yeah, I had to take another Red Cross CPR class today because I didn’t take the one with AED last time. Fail. Major time and financial fail.

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Confession #2: I am considering an end to  blogging about lunch since it’s pretty much always ridic salads these days. *With a side of Vitatop.IMG 8656 thumb Confession Thursday–Yogurt Breath

Confession #3: I had this Chobani in my purse during class, but was too embarrassed to eat it during. Heaven forbid I make-out with the CPR mannequin with yogurt breath! So, I ate it with lunch.

IMG 8657 thumb Confession Thursday–Yogurt Breath

Confession #4: One time I made out with a guy that tasted like cheeseburgers. I was vegetarian at the time. Or at least I was after the spit swapping session wlEmoticon winkingsmile15 Confession Thursday–Yogurt Breath

For the record, I wouldn’t have minded if it was French Fries. Just sayin’…

Confession #5: I think I’m “over” fruit. I’ve noticed stuff like apples and pears just make my blood sugar spike, fall and trigger over-eating. Boo.

IMG 8660 thumb Confession Thursday–Yogurt Breath

Don’t worry, I won’t turn my back on it forever. I’m sure you can count on this happening again this summer. Just for the time being, I’m cutting back significantly. monica with watermelon thumb Confession Thursday–Yogurt Breath

Confession #6: I just turned down a really good opportunity in hopes that another one I’m waiting on comes through. I’m nervous about that.

Confession #7: My afternoon workout was a 4 mile walk instead of Jillian’s Shred.

IMG 8670 thumb Confession Thursday–Yogurt Breath

Confession #8: My chest is hairy. But, that’s mostly because my cat loves to lay on my bras and shirts and I don’t wash them before wearing.

IMG 8673 thumb Confession Thursday–Yogurt Breath

Confession #9: I really need to ‘get my head in the game’. I have been doubting everything about myself lately.

Confession #10: I often neglect the “responsible” things I should be doing in favor of reading blogs. But, who doesn’t, right?

Got anything to confess?

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  1. says

    I confess that the last couple of times in which I took CPR class that I only pretended to blow in it’s mouth. Ok, it was more like I just hovered over his mouth part. I honestly didn’t even want to touch the CPR dummy. Who knows how many people he has made out with! Gag!

  2. says

    My roommate is at a swim meet this weekend and I hope she never comes back =P. I used to refuse to kiss my boyfriend right after he ate meat! Plus I’ve realized I need to go to gum rehab. Good luck on your opportunity!

  3. says

    I’m all about Confession 10! I tend to do that alot… whoops!

    #9 – i just got over a slump too… just think about ALL the awesome positive things that are in your life and i promise it will get through to you :) Plus some time sticking my head in sunlight helps too, hehe

  4. kristen says

    I’ve been counting down the days until October because my better half and I have decided to move back to our hometown after 2 years in DC. I need to enjoy ride but all I can think about is being back near friends, family, and everything comfortable. I have to give myself 2 or 3 pep talks a day about enjoying the ride.

  5. says

    I already tweeted you my first confession: I had bar chips and beer for dinner. And some onion rings. It was good.

    I’ve been HORRIBLE with #9 lately – doubting and comparing. BAD. We are awesome, why do we do this??

    As for #6, you know my opinion – trust the gut.

  6. says

    i favor blogs to doing important things too. like work. thank goodness my boss is over 1,000 miles away. haha.

    another confession? i wanted to kill the lady next to me at the gym because she was spraying her water bottle all over everything while she was running, including me. i was already wet enough from my own sweat, so thanks a lot lady. geez…

  7. Ella says

    Hi Monica! I’ve noticed that you occasionally make comments about your blood sugar spiking or rising after you eat fruit or certain foods… I’m assuming that you’re just saying this casually because you feel a crash/hunger shortly afterwards? Or do you actually, like, test your blood sugar? Just wondering what exactly you mean by this.

    • says

      I don’t test my blood sugar. I just say this based on how I feel. I am triggered to binge after a snack or meal of fruit. Some foods taste good and I eat lots and lots of them – but others make me feel unsteady and trigger me to go off the deep end. Does that make sense?

      • Ella says

        Yes that makes sense! It’s an offhand way of saying that a particular food is a trigger for you. I get it. (Thanks – I’m a dietetic intern so maybe that explains a bit why I asked)

        • says

          Let me also specify that it’s not an emotional trigger like other foods are, I am physically triggered to eat because I feel hungrier after eating fruit alone then if I didn’t eat it at all. Like, my stomach literally aches like I’m super hungry shortly after.

  8. Amanda says

    Fact: I should be sleeping but am reading food blogs instead.

    The picture of you a the watermelon made me laugh, I miss watermelon!

  9. says


    I’m feeling blah about my weight, so today I took some pictures into work of me at my heaviest to get some compliments and boost my self-esteem. Sorry if it is tacky to dig for compliments, but it worked :)

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