Bad Afternoon, Great Purchase

I went on a so-so 9.5 miler this afternoon. The main reason it was bad was because it was AFTER noon. As soon as the clock turns 12pm my body refuses to run. It’s science.


Now I’m putting entire sandwiches on my salad. There’s no turning back.


Dinner was tacos with taco salads. I couldn’t decide so I had both.


I made a very super cool purchase tonight!!! If you follow me on twitter you already know…image

It’s taking me a while to set it up and charge it, so I won’t try it until tomorrow. I’m excited though! I’ll talk about it tomorrow.

So after today’s cookie disaster I decided to try my tried and true No Bake Chocolate Oaties. They were a success!raw chocolate oaties Tip: You don’t have to put these in the fridge if you’d rather just eat the batter Smile


  1. says

    Hey, those cookies are vegan! Yum!

    I saw what you said about me on Caitlin’s blog roll. I love you more than pickles. (that’s a little something we say around here)

  2. says

    I’m definitely a morning runner too, but over the past few months, I’ve had to train my body to adapt to evening running. It’s still not the same as my morning runs, but it got better overtime.

  3. says

    Those no bake cookies look amazing and yes I can see the batter being extra yummy!

    I am excited to hear about the body bug! I saw a couple other bloggers had one, so it will be cool to see what you think of it!

  4. Least of all says

    Isn’t the BodyBugg counterintuitive to mindful/attuned eating? The BodyBugg already does what God designed our bodies to do. Just my opinion. Good luck.

    • says

      No, I don’t think it’s counterintuitive at all because it’s science. The point of IE is to listen to your body in the hopes that it will tell you how much you are burning via hunger and fullness. The BodyBugg is a tool that tells you how much you are burning. I could use the “calories in” tracker, but haven’t decided if I’m going to do that.

      But, knowing how many calories I’m burning so I don’t over or under eat is for information purposes, not to obsess over :) If I was obsessive about any of this stuff I would have probably actually lost weight a long time ago, right? I’m pretty “go with the flow”, but need some outside help to get to my marathon PR!

  5. Marcee ..... ILLINOIS says

    “Wiches on salads” ~ LOL ~ looking ok …. love it! Actually, a common thing to do. I put huge chunks of spinach or lettuce, cukes + s-tomatoes on most all my “wiches” …. very filling, tasty & healthy. Monica … re Paula & butter ….. well, her/this cookie recipe was not too terrible. (Only) 1 stick, plus the oil. Recipe stated 48 portions …. maybe not. Most likely I would have been lucky w/30 cookies. Love em larger! As an example; my shortbreads, that I’ve been baking for 20+ years, have 3 sticks …. yep, three sticks of butter + 3 cups of (organic of course) flour, 10-X sugar + vanilla. (No eggs.) Only 4 ingredients total. 5 if adding walnuts/pecans. In reeading Paula’s recipe twice, it sounds excellent. I will bake them for Easter! Also, adding dried cranberries to cookie batter is fun … colorful. Extra note Monica …. (just because) ….. (most) all cookies taste best baked with butter. REAL BUTTER! Hahaha! You can enjoy once in awhile ….. go for it!! It’s better to have/eat something good than so-so.

    P.S.’s ~ Can’t wait to read about the Body-Bug ….. hurry & tell us!!
    Yes Kim …. I agree!

    • says

      I don’t have a problem eating real butter, but I was making a whole batch of cookies and would probably have eaten most of them myself (read:eaten a stick of butter solo in one day).

      Thanks :)

  6. says

    9.5 is awesome. And I’m a morning runner too. Bodybugg’s are awesome. For number/science people, it’s the other half of the EQUATION!! Makes perfect sense. And I lost 21 pounds. Information is the key. Have fun with it.

  7. says

    So these are your masterpiece!!!! I have been making these for months and couldn’t figure out where i saw them…you are a GOD!!! and i tried to give you the recipe…lol…i should have known where the awesomeness came from…they are so amazing…so i guess i totally owe you a dunkin donut iced coffee now..:)

  8. Jenny says

    Enjoy your bodybugg…I have had mine for over a year now and love it!! I pretty much wear it all the time except when I am sleeping…yes, i get strange looks on occasion when it’s a night out and I have on a sundress and my bodybugg (I have no shame in my game) but I don’t mind…let me know how you like it!!!! Which version did you get?

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