Blogger Brunch Bunch

I totally ranked out on a blogger run meet up that was going on today Sad smile Sarah from SkinnyRunner organized a run and brunch event for this morning. But, after 9 miles yesterday I didn’t plan on running today. Well, I’m busted because my new BodyBugg inspired me to do 4 miles anyways, plus some walk/run with Ben.

When I got back I had some cantaloupe and a piece of turkey bacon to hold me over until brunch.

The brunch bunch:IMG_8756

Sarah and Sarah and myself represented the bloggers of the bunch.IMG_8757

We went to Mother’s Market – a natural foods store and café. I love that place! I ordered an omlete stuffed with veggies and avocado. I have a deep appreciation for restaurants that are generous with avocado Smile IMG_8760

Instead of toast or rice on the side I got a pancake. Best decision I’ve made in a while Winking smile


*I know you have questions on the BodyBugg, I just got it last night and will be writing about it when I get ramped up.

I have another fun blogger meet-up scheduled for tonight! I’m going to try and be productive until then Smile


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    I wore my BodyBugg for several months back in ’08. The numbers get very addictive to look at, but after a few months I decided I was better without it. I felt like I was becoming obsessed with it and did too much to influence the readings it gave. I went overboard, so I was relieved to take it off after awhile. :)

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    yayaya for fun blogger meet ups! Sarah is awesome!!!!

    I had the first version BodyBugg. It was great and all but I really did not like the food database and it’s format and since that plays a significant role in it’s data put out I just put the stinker up for sale on Ebay. It’s a great tool tho. I cant knock it. It does make you get up and move. I am actually looking into the alterantive… iBit by Microsoft. Only $99 and a lot of my friends love it a lot more than the BB…they also did a good comparison on their blog and the iBit actually won each one.

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