French Toast not Pancake Sunday


Sunday mornings are usually celebrated with a leisurely walk and pancakes around here. But, I opted to go for an easy 5 miler and make French Toast. I know, I know, I’m pretty crazy! French Toast Toppings: - PB - PB (pumpkin butter) - Strawberry Cream Cheese - sf Syrup - anything else that wasn’t nailed down. I’m headed to my mom’s for a shopping excursion. See ya … [Read more...]

Blogging with Bobbi


Today was a double dose of blogger meet-ups! This morning I went to brunch and tonight Ben and I met up with Bobbi and her husband for dinner   We always lament that there are few SoCal bloggers compared to the East coast so we have to stick together. It’s a double win that our husbands seemed to get along. Bobbi and I have a ton in common too – we’re both bloggers, … [Read more...]