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Today was a double dose of blogger meet-ups! This morning I went to brunch and tonight Ben and I met up with Bobbi and her husband for dinner wlEmoticon smile33 Blogging with Bobbi IMG 8775 thumb Blogging with Bobbi

We always lament that there are few SoCal bloggers compared to the East coast so we have to stick together. It’s a double win that our husbands seemed to get along.

Bobbi and I have a ton in common too – we’re both bloggers, runners, Mexican, from SoCal and we both love the white guys wlEmoticon winkingsmile18 Blogging with BobbiIMG 8774 thumb Blogging with Bobbi

Bobbi and I haven’t hung out since our fun fake race in December

We also did a very wet and wild Golden Gate Bridge run in November!

We met up at PF Chang’s. I started with a mojito because one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to drink more so I chillax. This resolution has been surprisingly easy to keep! IMG 8765 thumb Blogging with Bobbi

Before we ordered Bobbi requested the Nutrition info and our waiter tried to talk her out of it! It was really random, but funny. I guess he thought it would scare her too much!

I ordered the eggplant with tofu, but he thought I ordered the eggplant with tofu instead of eggplant. Fail.

IMG 8766 thumb Blogging with Bobbi

Luckily, our server quickly fixed it and brought me out my special order wlEmoticon smile33 Blogging with Bobbi

IMG 8769 thumb Blogging with Bobbi

Brown rice is my favorite pre-run fuel. Now I feel like I should bust some miles out tomorrow…Hmmm.IMG 8767 thumb Blogging with Bobbi

Dinner was great! It was so fun to finally meet Bobbi’s other half and we all got along really well. Hopefully they liked us, since Ben and I have no friends. Sad, very sad.IMG 8773 thumb Blogging with Bobbi

And the real reason I get up in the morning – Dessert time!

IMG 8771 thumb Blogging with Bobbi

The waiter brought us out the dessert tray to try and tease us into submission (even though I don’t need any convincing). The tray was obviously made up of fake plastic desserts and we I couldn’t help but play with them.

IMG 8772 thumb Blogging with Bobbi

I ordered 2 cake shots to share with Ben. I wish he didn’t like cake.

IMG 8776 thumb Blogging with Bobbi

Today’s eats and meets were super fun! I had a good day wlEmoticon smile33 Blogging with Bobbi


  1. says

    I love PF Changs! They have the best food ever and their chilean seabass there melts in your mouth, its amazing : ) I always get the buddha veggie bowl with tofu added! Its god too! Oh and the banana tempura dessert rocks!

    Bobbi is so cute! I read her blog too, Im glad you guys went on a double dinner date, its nice to do that, we dont have alot of friends here yet since we moved here in July but we have a couple friends through Mikes work and we actually went out and met the one guy and his girlfriend for drinks the other night, it was nice ; )

    U look beautiful btw ; ) Happy Sunday!

  2. says

    PF Chang’s nutrition information IS really scary! I try to only ever eat half of whatever dish they bring because they’re so bad! But I guess that’s true of ANY restaurant, and if you look at their website beforehand, it helps you make a little bit healthier choices. But that’s hard though when you really want something fried and in tons of sauce! :)

  3. says

    Monica!We really need to make a meet-up happen…I think I might sign up for my next half mary soon…possibly OC? Which one are you doing next? We can do a saturday long run together or we could do a gym date too…I also hate the gym. My husband and I are trying to make more friends out here too! :)

  4. says

    It can be totally hard to find “couple” finding friends- four people to gel can be tough sometimes (um especially when one’s husband has been surgically connected to his xbox).

    I love that one of you resolutions was to drink more- it’s important to work hard at our goals ;)

  5. says

    What a fun dinner!

    I totally know how you feel about friends! Sometimes I feel like wearing a wedding ring in SoCal is like wearing a scarlet letter. My husband and I feel like mondo losers for not making more friends since we moved here.

  6. says

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