TJ’s Tuesday and Taco Tuesday


Lunch was courtesy of Trader Joe’s. Well, not courtesy as in they paid for it, but courtesy as in I keep plugging them on RER and get absolutely nothing in return. Wait. I did recently get a form “thanks no thanks” email when I contacted them and suggested they build up their social media by employing me. Oh well… Three ingredients: tempeh, peanut sauce and stir-fry veggies.  … [Read more...]

Eat Your Oatmeal


Okay, okay… I’ll give oatmeal another shot. I keep saying that I’m not the biggest fan of this breakfast, but I made Ben a batch yesterday and I was really good! So, today I listened to this man and made some for myself. The good news is, if I don’t like oats – my cat will help me out. Cat face in my oats… Cat feet in my food… In my defense, it is very cold in … [Read more...]