Donut Holes and Detox


Last night’s lack of sleep inspired me to make a trip to the Whole Foods Juice Bar today for a pick-me-up. My favorite one is the “Detox”. (I sometimes get questions on good juices – I think picking one of their set combinations is always a safe bet.) I always request the wheatgrass on the side, but they forgot this time. Oh well, couldn’t taste it. I walked around WF … [Read more...]



Last night we cracked the sliding glass door a little bit while we watched TV to let Vegas out. He likes to sit on the patio and monitor the neighborhood. A little while later he came back… And a little  after that – another cat walked into our place! This is the third time this stray black cat has had the balls to walk into out house, smell around, take a bite of Vegas’ food … [Read more...]

Dealing With Defeat


When I was in fourth grade I got cut from the volleyball team and lost the student council election on the same day. I remember it like it was yesterday, the pain is still palpable.  Our teacher announced the student council election winners losers mid-day. Then, I headed to volleyball try-outs after school where I was promptly given the second kick to the ribs in one day. … [Read more...]