Last night we cracked the sliding glass door a little bit while we watched TV to let Vegas out. He likes to sit on the patio and monitor the neighborhood. A little while later he came back… And a little  after that – another cat walked into our place!

This is the third time this stray black cat has had the balls to walk into out house, smell around, take a bite of Vegas’ food and then leave!!!

Vegas is not friendly to other cats (not even my mom’s kitten) so it’s really weird that he doesn’t try to fight. Maybe they’re boyfriend/girlfriend?


The CATastrophe didn’t stop there – around 3am Ben and I woke up to a loud cat fight outside our window. (Vegas was inside.) It didn’t stop so he finally went out there to shoo them away, but it was too late. We were both wide awake. I stayed in bed for another hour before finally admitting defeat and getting up. IMG_8936

This morning we’re all dragging pretty bad. In an effort to push back breakfast until after my run I drank a bunch of coffee. That didn’t really my stomach during the run, but I still managed 5.5 miles Smile I’ll take it!


I wanted to get a bagel for breakfast, but by the time I got back from my run I was super hungry. I made a quick open face egg sandwich on did PB&J on the other side of the bread.


While it was messy, the open face egg sandwich was genius because I could really taste the egg, cheese and ketchup in every bite. Loved it.


Vitatops are on sale with the code below! *Note: If you can buy them at Costco – it is still cheaper to get them there. **Note #2: I only really recommend the Deep Chocolate since the price of these is soooo high.


Oh, and sorry for the depressing post yesterday. I hope it didn’t send you into a deep downward spiral when all you came here for was a few jokes and another picture of a - Sorry you misinterpreted my brilliant joke as horribly offensive

Question of the day: Who has it more “together” – You or this little girl…


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    If that cat thing happened to us, my husband would have already purchased a BB gun :)

    I love cute videos of kids, I can’t wait until mine is old enough to say wacky stuff!

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    I’ve never found VitaTops at Costco here on the East Coast, but I did find them at Harris Teeter for Bogo a while bag. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever bought them. They’re SO expensive!

    Don’t apologize for being real! We know that noone’s life is all happy go lucky all the time. :)

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    I’ve always been afraid that an animal (besides my dog) would come into my house! We leave the front door wide open w/ a baby gate to let fresh air in (we don’t have a screen door) and I’ve always wondered if a stray cat would jump over the gate, or if a bird would fly in! At least the one that came in to your place is nice, right?

    Geeze – that girl has it going on. (And I may feel bad for her future husband…hopefully that attitude and head shake doesn’t grow as she does!)

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      One time in third grade a bird flew into our classroom and hit the window. Hard.
      It “passed out” on the floor and we had to get the janitor to get him out.
      It was traumatizing.

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    i used to be obsessed with “orange” cats. they totally intrigued me!

    good spot on the vita deal, except they’re still cheaper to buy in my grocery store :-/ i wish i could stock up tohugh!


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    Geez! Someone is brainwashing that little girl. Not that that isn’t a bad attitude to have per se…like if you’re 20. But 5 is a little early to be establishing philosophical choices.

    My in laws say that their cats let opossums eat their food and do nothing to them and I hypothesized that maybe they tried to fight those big hairy rats once and got beat up. Maybe Vegas has been in a tousle before over food and he remembers.

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      Totally agree that someone fed that stuff to the little girl.

      As soon as I started reading about your in-laws’ cats I figured the possums beat up the cats, but that never occured to me with Vegas! I thought he was “cool” with the cat, but that doesn’t make any sense at all. Thanks :)

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    Ohhhhh…we just bought our house and there’s a HUMONGOUS dog door on the back door but it’s too cold to replace the door right now. I’ve taped it up but I’m still so nervous about what might wander in during the night. I think because of your post I’ll go make sure it’s triple-reinforced tonight. Can’t be too careful, eh?

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    Your post yesterday wasn’t depressing…I’m glad you don’t sugarcoat the blog! I liked the old school cheerleading picture too, those are always great! Gotta admit…I love RER on a good or bad day, but hopefully you’re having a good one today :)

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    We used to have a cat, she was a stray that we rescued, she was 9 months old and got knocked up by another stray. She had her babies and then she went bat sh!t crazy!!!! We had to give to her to a home without children or dogs, because she was so crazy with her attacks!!

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    I love stories about Vegas, he is so cute! I can’t believe a random cat just wandered into your house on more than one occasion!! I don’t know how I would feel about that.

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