8.5 Hours Later

I feel so much better after 8 1/2 hours of sleep! I woke up this morning and jumped out of bed. I was going to skip a run today in favor of some strength training, but I had way too much energy. I ended up running 4.5 miles and felt great the whole time! It must have been all that cereal carb-loading I did in the afternoon. Oops!

Note: I wasn’t in love with the Love Crunch granola. It’s good, but not great. However, I am in super crazy love with Cinnamon Sweets and to be sure it isn’t a fluke, ate 3 bowls yesterday. Plus many handfuls. It’s better than I can describe. IMG_8962

After my run I made a simple breakfast of bagel with PB and pumpkin butter and Pineapple Chobs with extra pineapple cottage cheese and chia seeds stirred in.


I still can’t believe I got these tulips from the 99 Cent store! IMG_8976

IMG_8975Love love love.


Question: Do you have a green thumb?
I totally didn’t think I did until I got these flowers! Ben and I have killed everything from plants to crabs to goldfish. It’s a miracle Vegas has made it this far…


  1. says

    Wow – now I want to rush out to the 99 cent store. I recently bought the herb garden plant from Trader Joe’s ($7) and the mint portion of that pot has been growing like crazy. I don’t typically cook with mint so I’m out of ideas on how to use it (other than the obvious mojito night).

  2. says

    I was able to get a full 8 hours of sleep last night too and it was absolutely WONDERFUL! I love how energized I feel! And I have a green thumb for plants outside…but my cat eats anything green that I bring inside..lol :)

  3. says

    Three sisters is awesome! I actually had to stop buying it because I would eat wayyyy too much. Normally I’m all about the intuitive eating but when it comes to those little suckers it doesn’t matter if I’m hungry or not lol.

  4. says

    I still can’t believe your 99cent store sells stuff like that. You would cry if you saw my dollar store :)

    I will kill someone for 8.5 hours of sleep. Just kidding….kinda

  5. alicia says

    um AGREED about the love crunch!! there was like maybe 5 berries and 3 pieces of chocolate in the whole box. so lame.

  6. says

    It’s weird, my Grampa doesn’t like plants. The only plants we have are spikey (aloe, and cactus) or sour (lemon tree..which also has spikes). But anything he seems to water grows! Too bad the backyard is all dirt though.. One of my early memories is after I planted a seed mat and all the wildflowers grew, I remember leaving to school and seeing him pushing the lawn mower over ALL of them…no flowers when I got home )8<
    When I seem to want plants to grow..they don't seem to grow. When I just randomly plant something feeling like it's gonna die or not sprout at all, they do! Eh, I don't know what you'd call that, hehe..

  7. Lauren says

    I’m sad you didn’t LOVE the Love Crunch granola. I like the chocolaty taste of it. Was totally tempted to buy several since they were on sale at WF.

    My little sister wants to plant vegetables this weekend. We live in TX, and between my gardening skills, her 10 year old ways, and the heat, I can’t see it going well! Your tulips are really pretty though!!

  8. says

    No green thumb, and my husband and I kill both plants and fish. It is sad, our friends have labeled my husband as the Grim Reaper of fish. We want a dog, but who knows what will happen. 😉

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