Wacked Out Wednesday

Ben and I are in trouble. We went one night without sleep and were both complete messes today. We fought about coffee this morning, both snacked needlessly in the afternoon and now want to go to sleep at 7pm!

When we have babies the likelihood of divorce and/or death is pretty high.


Speaking of, I think babies need to hire a PR firm and do some social media, because I’m not buying what they’re selling…www.nataliedee.com

Unless – there is a chance I would have a baby lion. I’d glady get knocked up for one of those.

I actually took a 20 minute power nap in the afternoon. I never do that! Once I woke up I felt all sluggish and weird and ended up eating a bunch of cereal “to make me feel better”. There’s some logic in there somewhere I swear.

I took a walk with my magazine to rev back up for the rest of the evening and made a super simple dinner – Sink Salad (as in – “everything but the kitchen…”).


Even though I snacked in the afternoon and wasn’t very hungry for dinner I didn’t want to skip it all together and end up eating a sleeve of Oreos box of donut holes at 10pm, so I made a healthy lighter meal to bounce back from the great cereal binge of 2011.

My friend Mara is up for a cupcake contest from POM Wonderful. If you have a second you can vote for her here.

Now I’m off to watch the Jennifer Lopez show. I mean, American Idol.


  1. says

    You must really need sleep to put up a pic of a tiger cub after mentioning a baby otter! I haate naps like that, where after waking up I feel even more blech than when I fell asleep! Have a restful night!

  2. says

    Not to push babies on you, but once you have one, you get this kind of mommy adrenaline that keeps you going on no sleep. Men can’t do it, but you’ll be able to manage :)

    All the cool kids are having babies, don’t you want to be cool? (Does peer pressure work for procreation?)

  3. says

    i could happily live out the rest of my days by eating cereal and cereal only. what that’s not a diet with variety?! please! there’s at least 200 kinds of cereal out there!! :)
    i never nap either so i can relate to how zonked out you must have felt!
    hope last night was more restful!

  4. says

    I second what Kara said. When you have your own kid, you really do get used to the no sleep thing. It’s amazing how well you can really function when you’re totally sleep deprived.

    Whenever I nap, I wake up groggy and end up eating a bunch of junk, so I try to avoid them. I never end up feeling refreshed.

  5. says

    Monica, your post made me laugh this morning! Yup, I’m the exact same way when I go without sleep, which also makes me fear for my loved ones’ safety. And yes, I think baby lions are pretty adorable too =) Did you know they breed a cat that is a combination of a domestic cat and a mountain lion?

  6. Tiffany Lyman-Olszewski says

    My friends who are 35 (as am I) and 37 with a newborn would beg to differ on the functioning in spite of sleep deprivation thing. 😉 But everyone is different. It’s enough that I am occasionally sleep-deprived due to a snoring husband and dogs (as I am this week!)–that’s about all I can take, thanks very much! Ha!
    I have been enjoying your blog since I discovered it yesterday. I so appreciate that you embrace intuitive eating–it is something I aspire to as I move beyond an eating disorder. Thank you for your honest and realistic eating and exercise goals!

  7. says

    Oh no, I hope you manage to catch up on your Zzzz’s! Your Sink Salad looks lovely, though. :)

    (By the way, I have been following, and laughing along with, your blog for a while now, but just got around to creating my own blog and commenting.. Hope I’m not too creepy or anything!)

  8. Allison W says

    I drank too much wine last night, had a crappy night of sleep, and I’m now contemplating a nap in an empty conference room instead of going to the gym on my lunch hour. TBD.

  9. says

    That is exactly why I can’t take naps, I always feel worse afterwards no matter how quick they are. But I still really want babies. I mean, hey my husband and I have been trying for four years, no sense stopping now.

    Although I already mourn the loss of sleep that will occur 😉

  10. Maren says

    Hello cereal binges….how I love you :) Oh and JLo was a wreck last night!! poor girl!! My bf thinks they kicked that guy off for publicity, so JLo would get all sad and emotional. what do you think?

  11. says

    When we went to childbirth classes with our first (of three boys), the instructor told us they had a rule in their house that you couldn’t get divorced within on year of having a baby. I’ll just say it’s a pretty good rule 😉

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