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Happy Friday! I loved my breakfast from Wednesday so much I did it again today! Sometimes I feel like I change it up so I won’t bore you, but I am a creature of habit and actually love to eat the same things for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Anyone else like that?IMG_9022

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’ll probably be run eat repeat-ing my favorite meals more because I’m getting busier Smile 

But, I suspect you don’t come here for the five star dining experience. RER is more like a greasy ol’ taco truck. The menu never changes, but it’s still good. And while it may not be good for your body, it’s good for your spirit Winking smiletaco truck

It’s about to start raining any second and won’t stop until Sunday. I don’t know whether I should push back my run or just tough it out in the rain tomorrow. Boo.


Today I have a studying to do for my Personal Training certification, a meeting with a local PT and I’m watching my little brother after that.

Busy day, I’ll see ya later!

Question: Have you ever eaten at a Taco Truck?


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    I have never eaten out of a taco truck…however, when I was in college, we had this guy called the “sub man” who would sell subs out of the back of his van. True story. In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t a good idea to buy subs from him…but at 3am when you’re drunk and hungry, the sub man was the campus HERO.

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    Lauren, Monica…I’m with you! I could eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and never get sick of it. I try to vary my diet, but I’m so happy with what I’m eating that it’s hard to do. My bf pushes me to mix up my dinners, but I eat the same thing for breakfast ( 0% Fage + frozen berries + gluten-free cereal) and lunch (salad) every day of the week. Oh…and I’ve never been to a taco truck. Stay warm and dry!

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    I’m from Northeast LA, home to many many taco trucks! I have ate tacos from trucks a few times but not as many you’d think. But one thing about being vegetarian that makes me sad is that I can never just go grab a taco! Sure there are a ton of other new food trucks (w veg options) around town now but nothing like the classic taco.

    I’m supposed to be training too but I don’t like running in the rain! :( good luck!

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    I’m with you about the taco truck. As a fellow Hispanic, I have a hard time turning down a taco or burrito especially if they happen to be gf. I could honestly eat a bowl of pinto beans every day for lunch for the rest of my life and never get bored. Sad, I know!

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    Nope, I never have! But I am an extreme creature of habit as well. I could eat the exact same meals for weeks and be perfectly content until I want to NEVER eat them again and I’m onto my next obsession. :)

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    I’m just like you…love to repeat meals, especially when I really like them. Sometimes Ill do it until I run out of the ingredients in my kitchen. I will say though, starting my own blog (and having it only be a week old), it has inspired me to change my meals up a bit…lets see how long that one lasts!

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    We have a lot of taco trucks in Texas! It’s pretty much my husband’s favorite thing to eat in the whole world. Good luck with your PT studying!

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    The rain has begun! I’d say tough it out, I am. XP
    Just think about Dean Karnazes running out in that rain right now for the next few days XP
    I like eating the same breakfasts (as I eat two of them everyday pre- and post- run XD) Lunch and dinner i change up, or swap one for the other. Whatever I eat for lunch or dinner can be interchanged…
    Oh, and on the taco trucks..
    you know what…I live in East LA and have never eaten at a taco truck! *gasp*..
    should I go walk up two blocks and buy something? Lol…unless Tacos Mexico counts, I’ve eaten there plenty of times as a kid XP (it’s across the street)

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    I haven’t eaten from a taco truck but my husband got fish tacos in Mexico at a flee market right on the water and said it was the best fish taco he had eaten in his entire life. He went back and got more, and they were literally taking fish that they had just got and prepping them to cook. Super fresh. :)

  10. alicia says

    YES i love a good taco truck.
    and i could for sure eat the same thing for every meal every day! in fact i pretty much do haha!

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    Monica – I must admit that I too enjoy eating the same things for breakfast and lunch. Honestly – if it wasn’t for my family I would probably eat the same things for dinner too, but they get sick of it. My 3 year old asked me just the other day, “Mama why do you eat oatmeal everyday?”

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    Yup, I’ve gone to a taco truck, but it’s never been a habit. I grew up in the suburbs, there weren’t many taco trucks around so I never got used to it.

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