15 Great Miles


I had the best run all year (well, the best after the AZ half) today! I did 15 miles in 2:11:10 and felt really great the whole time! I don’t know why it was so speedy, but I’ll take it! I ate my same pre-run breakfast – english muffin with PB&J and iced coffee. I woke up to a very drizzly, gloomy day. I was not excited to get out and run in that weather so I took my … [Read more...]

My Uniform


I literally had 10 minutes to make and eat lunch in between boot camp and meeting with the PT. So, I heated up my tempeh stir-fry from a few days ago. It’s like a hot salad – tons of veggies, sauce and tempeh all mixed up Only a few miles south on the free-way I pass the most beautiful hills and then see the ocean. Love love love. After my meeting I came home and put on … [Read more...]