My Uniform

I literally had 10 minutes to make and eat lunch in between boot camp and meeting with the PT. So, I heated up my tempeh stir-fry from a few days ago. It’s like a hot salad – tons of veggies, sauce and tempeh all mixed up Smile


Only a few miles south on the free-way I pass the most beautiful hills and then see the ocean. Love love love.


After my meeting I came home and put on my “uniform”. This is my home/cleaning/writing/tv watching/grocery shopping… uniform. I blame the fact that I went to Catholic school for 12 years and had to wear a uniform everyday. I still wish I could just throw on a polo and khakis every day and no one would notice.

IMG_9042I’d be like Bart Simpson. No one cares that he is always in those blue shorts and red shirt! What does it matter if I do too?
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Actually, I have two uniforms – my other one is  my running gear. I pretty much wear the same thing over and over and stinkily over… monica in utahAnd always with a visor. It’s part of my uniform and I can’t run without it!Kashi for fuel

After my meeting and afternoon snack, my dad dropped off my little brother, Matt. We are hanging out until tomorrow. IMG_9050

I am officially requiring Pizza Night once a week in our house! It makes me happy.


Do you have a certain uniform for activities/places?


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    I am finally in a position where I don’t have to wear a uniform to work…it was super exciting…for the first month! Then I got sick of putting thought into dressing myself!

    And I wear my stinky running clothes more than just once…laundry is hard work, especially if it is just going to get sweaty right away! 😉

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    I’ve given myself a ‘uniform’ for nannying- jeans and a tshirt. It kinda sucks because I spend all day nannying sometimes and I wish I could wear cuter stuff but I know by the end of the day it will be full of baby food, dirt and other messy stuff.

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    daaaaamn! those are some beautiful hills :)

    I never had to wear any kind of uniform until i started culinary school.

    i just dont understand why its white . . . the color that gets the most dirty.

    and i hate the hat too!

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    i wear a uniform for work, and love it because it saves me time, not having to think about what to wear, and $, not having to buy work clothes. otherwise, i wear workout wear around the home – it’s all so comfortable, why not?!
    yes, i associate you with your running visor! :)
    have a great time with your little bro!

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    Yeah I pretty much rotate the same workout outfits and relaxing outfits day after day after day. You can’t beat comfort!

    I use to be a big visor person as well, but then chopped all my hair off and now have to rotate 3 hats that get all gross.

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    I wear basically the exact same outfit to the gym every single time I go. The shirt changes, but nothing else does. Well, okay, it does, but it’s because I own multiple pairs of the exact same shorts and leggings. 😉

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    my uniform is either jeans & a tshirt (yay grad school) or my workout gear, which is usually running/yoga capris and whatever top is cleanest :)

    and i am ALL for pizza night once a week :)

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    I have the same thing I wear to work out in and I keep it folded in my closet. that is, I know, probably not the best idea, but college students really cannot afford to do laundry daily!!
    also: omnom pizza night!

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    I wish I had appreciated the catholic school uniform when I had the chance. We used to long for free dress days…now I would give anything to wear khakis and a polo everyday. On Friday I wear a polo with our company logo and jeans…every single week. I work with a bunch of guys so no one ever notices and I love it.

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