This Time With Kale


I had an undocumented apple while running errands mid-morning and then tried to hit the books and blogs for work stuff. Today’s lunch was my same-o big salad with a sandwich on the side. Since I have a bunch of ripe avocados, I used that for “spread” instead of my usual hummus. The only thing that beats a ripe avocado is a free ripe avocado. I’m very grateful that my … [Read more...]

Motivation and Mini-Goals Monday


Hello and Happy Monday! This week is jam packed full of exciting stuff – including a trip to Boston Since it’s been colder than usual here in SoCal I’ve been more reluctant to get out of bed. So, last night I threw my running clothes on the floor near the heater (not too close as I didn’t want to have to jump out of bed and out of my house because of a fire!). And this … [Read more...]

Mission San Juan Capistrano Visit


Ben and I fueled up before our mission to the mission with guacamole and a side of other random things…but believe it when I say guac was the main event I don’t know if schools do this throughout the U.S., but in California you learn about all the Spanish Missions of California in 4th grade. I fondly remember making a model of a mission – it was the biggest project of my … [Read more...]