Quorn Turk’y Burger for Lunch

I get veggie burgers all the time, but prefer the ones that are more like fake chicken than fake beef. When I spotted these Quorn Turk’y Burgers I was excited! My mom used to make us turkey burgers as a kid and I remember really liking them! I really like Quorn’s ingredients, but this patty was super small compared to the big veggie burgers I’ve been eating. (I get mine at … [Read more...]

Just Right Run


Once upon a time there was a strange little girl who woke up and wanted to run. She set out not sure of how many miles she would do… First she ran into Ben, he was doing 2 miles. This wasn’t enough so she decided to keep running. Then, she ran into SkinnyRunner (who lives closer than she realized!). SR was doing 9 miles. That was a little too much for her chubby little … [Read more...]

Post Dinner Walk


Dinner was a sweet potato that’s been tapping it’s little sweet potato foot waiting to be eaten. Plus a few boneless wings I got for Ben, then proceeded to thief. After dinner we took a walk. The weather is so amazing today it’s sick. I’m planning on making a big ol’ smoothie in a bowl for dessert. This is an old picture, but you get the idea Thank you all so much for … [Read more...]

ACE Personal Training Exam Tips


I have gotten a lot of inquiries about the ACE Personal Trainer Exam. Since most of the questions are similar I’m using this post to address all of it at once. I just took the exam Thursday so I’ll also add some info that I remember about the actual test too. Why did you choose ACE over NASM or AFAA or…? I remember when I first started to research personal training … [Read more...]

Four Miles and French Toast


This morning I went to grab my Garmin and set out on a short run. But, it was dead I’ve had my “Garmin-o” for a long time now and think it hasn’t been holding a charge as long as it used to. Boo. So, all I have to show for my run is this… Then, I came home to an amazing French Toast breakfast. I’m addicted and not looking to go to French Toast rehab anytime soon I … [Read more...]

Cat Fights


Okay, this post is going to get really disgusting. Consider yourself WARNED… This afternoon I polished off the watermelon with this new-to-me flavor of Vitamin Water. This is my new favorite drink! Early afternoon I had 2 pieces of bread with peanut butter. Well, not just any peanut butter… Peanut Butter & Co. sent me a few of their flavors to try. I died a little … [Read more...]

A Running Joke Tuesday


I had an appointment this morning and made a pit stop for some refreshments on the way home Lunch was a little on the early side, but I had that TJ’s Spicy Ranchero Egg Salad calling my name in the fridge. For some reason I prefer these in a wrap instead of bread. Served with three different sides – carrots & hummus, cheddar soy crisps and watermelon. The watermelon … [Read more...]

Running Into Ben


This morning I set out on my run like any other weekday morning… but on the way back ran into this guy! No, I didn’t run away from this man with unruly hair and wild look in his eye. He happens to be that guy I married… I ended up running 4 miles and walk/running 1 back home with him Ben is still training for his first 5K. He’s getting very close to being ready!!! After we … [Read more...]

Roxy Sticks Her Tongue Out


Sorry I was MIA today. I had a long meeting with the tax man. It was very um, taxing After my very long appointment I chomped on some carrots on the way to my mom’s. The tax man is kinda close to my family’s house so I decided to head there to raid the fridge for lunch. I called my brother and offered to pick up Taco Bell (because I wanted a soda), but he didn’t feel like it … [Read more...]

Exercise with the Today Show


Happy Monday! Just catching up? My weekend highlight: Sign-ups for my new running group I ran 10 miles yesterday, so opted to take today as a rest day from running. Instead, I set up my laptop by the TV and watched the Today Show while doing 8 Minute Abs. Please excuse the mess in the background as I don’t care enough to clean it just to take a picture… I also did the two … [Read more...]

Bad Iced Coffee


While Ben and I were out running errands today I was on a mission to get a good iced coffee. We stopped at a local café and I walked out with something that tasted like licking an ashtray. Luckily, Ben likes licking ashtrays super strong coffee and he volunteered to take this off my hands. I promptly found another café and hoped Door #2 was a better choice. It was still only … [Read more...]

Soy Chorizo Sunday


This morning I was startled awake by Vegas falling off the bed. Hard. That’s really weird for him and we all just kinda sat there for 10 minutes before getting up. He seems to be acting sick, but finally ate and drank a while ago so I’m just keeping an eye on him. Send good thoughts please <3 The grand plan was to do a long run so I fueled up… And I strapped on my new … [Read more...]

Orange County Running Group Sign Ups


Tonight I went to my running group’s Kick Off Party! I am going to be coaching a run / walk group in Orange County. Before I went I had a late lunch…salad with hummus, turkey and an opened faced grilled cheese. I am obsessed with cheese these days. Then, I headed to the kick off. The group formally starts in two weeks. This event was to give people information about the … [Read more...]

All In


This morning I woke up hesitant to do my long run. I wasn’t really “feeling it” and decided to talk myself up with iced coffee… and Twitter… Chandra, called me out so I was about to get out the door! Then, I noticed that Vegas was still acting kind of weird. He seemed a little depressed after his fight from the other night. He had a scratch on his head, but other than … [Read more...]

Costco Healthy Samples


The afternoon I enjoyed some Costco samples while perusing the aisles. Turns out Costco is pushing their healthy products today and I got Coach’s oats… And almond butter on a cracker I also had a “real” snack when I got home – Chobani and cereal. They’re Grrrrreat! Dinner was random, yet awesome. I had a bag of broccoli slaw that needed to be cooked. Originally, I was … [Read more...]

Fitbloggin Friday with Katy


It’s time for another Fitbloggin Friday! Scroll down if you want to get right to the good stuff I stayed up way past my bedtime last night and slept in this morning. So, I ended up going to the gym because it’s raining and doing 2 miles on the treadmill and 20 minutes on the step machine. On the way home I spotted a new to me Farmer’s Market! I didn’t get anything, but I’m … [Read more...]