Mad For Mags

This morning I hit up a KB class for some good times. I was obsessed with KB last year in MD and that is actually a big part of the reason I wanted to get the personal training certification! I am totally back in love with it and it makes me happy Smile

Post-KB I came home hungry. Instead of the shower, I went straight to the fridge for a couple random bites of pasta, half an orange and a piece of tortilla. FYI: This happens daily and misses the blog’s eye.

feed me

After a shower and some blog admin stuff I made lunch. It was a sink salad of course!is that an enchilada on your salad?

I chopped up my last enchilada and heated it with some beans. Piled on a bed of lettuce, onions and sweet peppers and then added fresh avocado. Best salad I’ve had since yesterday Winking smileyes, yes it is

On the side I had half a piece of sourdough spread with ripe avocado and sprinkled with salt. Ben LOVES butter and in an effort to get him to eat more healthy fats instead, I have been making him this and he LOVES this now!

It helps that I call it “Avocado Butter”

avocado butter

I love magazines, always have actually. I fondly remember coveting issues of Teen and Seventeen during jr. High and High school. Luckily, my mom got sick of me begging for issues at the checkout stand and got me a subscription to a few Smile 

Now that I’m all grown up Winking smile I have tons of subscriptions to my favorite magazines. When I’m at the super market checkout stand I have to try and remember if I already have an issue coming before I buy one that catches my eye – does this happen to anyone else?

I didn’t realize how many mags I was hoarding until I went looking for a book this afternoon and millions of them came spilling out of a box! too many mags

The problem is, I don’t want to throw any of them out recycle them yet – once I pick up an old issue it’s like new again and I want to re-read it.

My name is Monica and I like magazines way too much.

Today my faves are Runner’s World (okay that’s always), Health and Women’s Health. Oh, and I love the AAA magazine! *Note: my favorite one is subject to change based on what is delivered to my mail box that day…

What are your favorite magazines these days?


  1. says

    Mine totally changes as well, I don’t think I can fully type out how many I subscribe to because I might break my keyboard. Currently my faves are Shape, Health, Glamour, People, Entertainment Weekly, and Women’s Health.

    Oh and Good Housekeeping. And Self. And Cosmo.

    Okay, I won’t mention what percentage of the total those are 😉

  2. says

    I hoard magazines too!! I have 2 boxes and one basket full and always keep the latest issues on my coffee tables…I’ve moved 3 times and haven’t thrown one away :o)

  3. says

    Oh my gosh, my stash is over the top. I don’t like to throw them away because they have good recipes and workouts.. but I never look back at them! I have a whole closet full of Real Simple, Oxygen, Shape, Cooking Light, Clean Eating, Self.. the list goes on. Literally over 100 magazines. I need to purge, but I don’t wanna! Haha

  4. Jen G. says

    I was a total magazine horder (and still can be on occasion), but I started a handy-dandy system that makes it much easier to throw out old magazines. I have 2 cute binders filled with page protectors. In one, I put torn-out exercise routines that look fun, and in the other, I put yummy-looking recipes. (I also organize by muscle group targeted and meal category, because I’m a dork like that, but you don’t have to be that obsessive!) After I do that, I can throw the magazine out without worrying I’ll miss it later on!

  5. says

    Awesome photo of the hand going for the fridge!! I looooove magazines too. Mostly because they make for a good light read while sitting on public transportation, eating alone, or watching TV. Favourites include Runner’s World, Bicycling, Oxygen, Women’s AND Men’s Health, Yoga Journal, Bon Appetit, Cooking Light and then two Canadian news magazines – Toronto Life (best restaurant reviews) and Maclean’s (kinda like Time with a better features section).

    I always throw them out though. But that’s just because I move every year and they’re frickin heavy once the pile up.

  6. says

    I used to read a lot of magazines, but now I don’t. Not sure why, though.
    My favorite, believe it or not, is Men’s Health. I buy it for my husband, but I always read it, too.

  7. says

    I’m lucky–I have a coworker who is a magazine addict to. She brings in all of them to work and I get to read them for free. I get my daily fix.

    I do have a subscription to Runner’s Magazine. The bf gets Outside and a cycling magazine. Other than that I don’t really buy magazines.

  8. says

    I love magazines too! I wish I had time to read all of the ones I love. Currently I only have a subscription to Runners World and Women’s Health. I think I’ve been getting Women’s Health for the past seven years. I’m not ashamed to admit that I really love US Weekly, but I only buy it when there’s a story on the cover I can’t resist…like anything related to Bethanny Frankel.

  9. says

    Argh. You hit on a truly sore subject…my hubby was not at all pleased having to move my magazine collection (“But I haven’t read all the articles, yet!”) to our new home.

    Truth is, there were more than I even remembered. I had stashed them everywhere! Under the bed, in the closet, in dresser drawers, under the sofa…

    I love magazines. I love them all. I group them by type: fitness, beauty, home decor, health, travel, etc. They’re, like, the one thing I guess I could be accused of “collecting,” even if the collection is accidental.

  10. says

    I can completely relate to the magazine addiction. I was planning on laying mine out all over my floor soon to just take a picture. I can’t get rid of them either. It’s a problem. Do they have meetings?

    My favs: Shape, Fitness, Women’s Health, First, Woman’s World, Clean Eating, Weight Watchers, Oxygen, Cooking Light.

  11. says

    I love magazines! In high school, Teen Vogue was like my bible. I would read every single word, study each picture for ages! But I grew out of that luckily and now I love Shape and RW.

  12. Sahar says

    I totally have the same addiction! I like them over pretty much any form of entertainment. My favs are Real Simple, O and Health.

  13. says

    I love magazines too! I refuse to buy them though so I wait until my gym gets them in! I can’t wait til you take your PT test then we can be training friends!

  14. says

    I use to keep all of my magazine as well, but when we moved last year, I finally parted with hundreds of them. There was just no way to bring them all with me. Now, I find that it’s still hard for me to throw away a magazine so when I’m done, I now donate it to the gym by putting it on the magazine rack for others to enjoy.

  15. says

    I love food magazines (I miss Gourmet Magazine)- Saveur, Food and Wine, Eating Well, Living Without, Bon Appetit. And I also love Running Times. They recently have really stepped up their game in the serious runner/high level training advice category which I like. Ultrarunning Magazine is also great because I get to read about all my crazy friends and dream up my next race.

  16. says

    I’m a magazine addict and ALWAYS forget which ones I have subscriptions too. Which is why I have two of the latest SHAPE.
    I really love Self and Glamour, but my favorite as of late is Whole Living. It’s such a positive magazine!

  17. says

    I used to subscribe to lots of magazines until I discovered I never had the time to actually read them all! My favorite magazines now are Health and Real Simple. Though I used to love all the teen magazines when I was younger!

  18. says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with a magazine collection! I have no problem recycling the fashion mags I read but when it comes to the fitness and running mags I always want to keep them because of the great workout routines… ya know, for when I’m feeling bored with my workout 😛

    Hope the pile didn’t land on you :)

  19. says

    I have a similar yet different problem. I don’t save magazines, but I rip out articles I want to return to later. This has translated into an entire desk drawer full of ripped-out magazine pages. Every time I go to tackle it, I give up.

  20. says

    Oh man I save ALL my magazines. I never want to throw them away, so I have huge piles of them. Such a waste of space, but I love them so much!! My best friend’s mom used to call me “Miss Mags” in high school. I love Runners World (obviously), Shape, Women’s Health, Clean Eating & Self. US weekly doesn’t hurt either 😉

  21. says

    Umm you are def not the only mag hoarder….i tooo am guilty! I have subscriptions to everything…except the weeklies…i buy those every friday.
    But since i am deployed right now i email my hubby the pics of each weeks covers and he gets em and mails to me. I swear i think that is my only morale booster out here is knowing a huge box of mags is on its way! 😀
    Ive loved mags since 7th grade…BOP, big bopper, fresh, teen beat, jane, right on…i was bad. Still am and proud!

  22. Amanda says

    I’m loving women’s health, runners world and scientific american these days. I tend to hoard magazines too….. not sure why but there are piles of them… I should get back to ‘donating’ them to my gym eh?

  23. says

    I’m a total magazine whore, I subscribe to a ton of them. My favs though are Real Simple, Women’s Health, and Clean Eating. I don’t keep them though, I throw them out as soon as I’m done reading them because I can’t stand the clutter.

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