Bye Bye Sugar

Yesterday Ben and I were talking about Lent. (Ash Wednesday is a week from tomorrow.) I mentioned giving up sweets. Ben doesn’t observe Lent because he’s not down with the Pope.

Don’t worry your Holiness, he’ll get his.pope benedict thumb Bye Bye Sugar

But even though Ben doesn’t observe Lent, he was super on board with giving up sweets! Random, I know. But, not that random because he has been complaining that I have turned his “meat tooth” into a “sweet tooth”.

My influence has him addicted to sugar and he wants off the hard stuff. So, he decided to stop eating sweets immediately. This will actually make it easier for me, so I’m going to start weaning myself off the stuff tomorrow and also give up cussing for Lent (this is going to be a rough 40 days).

Since this commitment didn’t begin until dinner, I’m saying my Vitatop and Yogurt snack with copious amounts of pumpkin butter is okay.

IMG 9323 thumb Bye Bye Sugar

This afternoon I went to meet up for the group run and ended up super late and tried to catch up with everyone before turning around with the beginner group. Oh well.

You run some, you lose some.


IMG 9329 thumb Bye Bye Sugar

Dessert = fresh mango and some tea. IMG 9344 thumb Bye Bye Sugar

So, I am going the way of Heather (HEAB),  Sabrina  and Hangry Heather and giving up sugar. We’ll see if this lasts past Easter when it He comes.

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    Ha, my fiancé has totally accused me of infecting him with a sweet tooth. “I never wanted dessert before I met you!” Blah blah blah. But I say he gave me a Mexican-food tooth, so it’s fair enough.

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    Hey Monica. I wish you the best of luck with kicking sugar. Do you worry this will cause binges, though? I know for many people with BED or other food issues, labeling food as bad or not allowed just makes them want it more (me included!). Just thought it was a point worth mentioning.


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      Hi Maria,
      I’m more concerned that eating sugar is causing binges. I have always said that I’m “sugar sensitive” and eating sugar makes me want to eat more – NOT eating sugar satisfies the craving.
      Some people can do moderation, and I’ve never been that way. Lately, with NO food rules I’ve still been eating chocolate after lunch and a Vitatop or 2 after dinner every.single.night. I’ve realized that my sweet tooth is out of control and it’s been impossible for me to reign it in. So, I’ve decided to start from scratch for a while and go from there :)

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    I’ve given up “junk food” almost all Lents. It’s hard sometimes to classify what is “junk”, so I make up my own rules. It sucks because I want to give it up again, but my birthday falls during Lent. I also considered giving up alcohol, but then again…my birthday falls during Lent.

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      Lent during your birthday is the worst timing :(
      I would say give up what you want, but start 24 hours early so you can have your b-day “off”and it still be 40 days.

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    You’ll do great!

    I’ve been throwing around what to give up for Lent and I think have settled on a “trade” of sorts. Instead of reading my iPhone (Twitter, FB, etc.) in bed before going to sleep, I’m going to commit to doing my devotionals then :)

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      I thought about going vegan for Lent, but just pictured myself eating rice cream morning, noon and night. Once I kick this sugar addiction I’ll call up Jesus for some help on the animal eating stuff :)

      He has an iPhone, right?

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    Hubby and I started the Whole Living 28-day Cleanse 2.5 weeks ago (no sugar, caffeine, soy, corn, gluten, processed foods, dairy, eggs, etc. the first week).

    Day 1 was meh.

    Day 2 was hell (notice how I referenced back to the tone of your post?)

    Day 3 was the “shoot me now and get it over with” worst headache of my life.

    Day 4 was amazing. I think I saw more clearly (as in my actual vision) and felt amazing. I actually bounced out of bed, and I am no one’s morning person.

    40 days is admirable! I absolutely know you’ll do it and it’ll be really interesting to see if you have “withdrawals” too (or if it’s just me, haha).

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      Luckily (?) I’m not trying to give up caffeine, so I’m hoping there will be no headaches! I’ll def post about withdrawals though.

      Good luck with the rest of your cleanse!

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    Aw, but sugar makes you happy and hyper and then you’ve got that lovely crash where you just want to drop dead on your bed…..okay, I see where you’re coming with this.

    Haha, good luck! :-)

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    Good luck on giving up the sugar! One year I gave up chocolate for Lent – it was really, really tough but I got through it and felt so good that I was able to do it! Not sure what I’m doing this year though.

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    I really need to try to have something to give up for lent too, the sugar thing is a great idea! Now , you can still have fruit right? Just wondering, I love my daily apples : )

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    I’ve always been fascinated by Lent. I grew up Baptist so I didn’t fully understand Lent until i went off to college and my friends were giving up things for Lent. Will sugar include fruit too? I think I would go mad.

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    My friends in college used to do the whole giving something up for lent thing, I’d usually join them (just as a challenge)- I loved doing it! best of luck with the sugar. Dinner looks great and fresh mango for dessert? YUM!

  11. Laura says

    I also decided to give up sugar! Unfortunately I was also thinking about giving up food blogs (I spend sooo much time reading them!) but maybe I’ll just do one of those and follow along with you :)

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    I’ve never given up anything for Lent, though I was contemplate doing so every year. There’s a part of me that would like to give up sugar, but I really think that as soon as I said I couldn’t have it, I would go crazy and binge on it!

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    H*ll yeah!!! Giving up sugar is the only f*&$in way to go. Sugar = sh*t, and I think you’re a total bad a$$ for telling it to go to h*ll. You’re one tough b@&ch.

    Hehe, just trying to motivate you with some last minute cussing before Lent begins. Seriously, the first few days might be really hard, but I think you’re going to feel great. I’m giving up sugar for Lent as well. We can do it together. :)

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      Ha! Thanks :) I thought those first few lines were out of character.

      This is huge for me, but I really think it’s the way to go right now. Thanks again for all your support.

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    Good luck giving up sugar! I’m on Day 3 of giving up sugar right now and I’ve already become more mean and surly. :-) I hope it gets better. You’ll do great, especially with someone there along with you. My husband just eats Klondike bars in front of me now. Not cool.

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    Initial reaction: You should be more concise on what sugars you are giving up. “Sugar” is a broad term, really. Processed / Added Sugar? All Sugar, which would include fruits, dairy… And if you’re just giving up processed/added sugar — would you find as much benefit in giving up sugar substitutes at the same time.

    Just sounds like you have the opportunity to really eat cleanly for 40 days.

    Last year, I gave up the snooze button. I was up to 5-6 “snoozes” a day, and was actually setting the alarm clock earlier than I needed to get up to allow for snoozes. Now, I rarely use the snooze button – and when I do, it’s never more than 1nce. Amazing habit changes can occur from Lent — don’t sell yourself short. :) Good luck!

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      I’m giving up all processed white sugar, but didn’t want to elaborate and open myself up to criticism about fruit and artificial sweeteners (which I may try to limit, but not cut out).

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    Instead of giving something up for Lent this year, I’m making myself clean one thing everyday. It’s still a “sacrifice” and maybe it will stop my husband from making statements like “So how much exactly would a cleaning lady cost?”

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    Ohh sugar AND cursing!? That is going to be very tough. But you can do it for sure.

    Last year for lent I gave up meat even though I’m not Catholic, and its stuck ever since. I feel better than ever!

    I want to give up something this year but I’m not sure what yet.

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    ohhh…good luck, to you and ben!!! i’m sure you both will do great and be able to figure out things to keep the sugar at bay…tea is my god sender at night after dinner. i’ve been drinking lipton’s peach and mangosteen and the raspberry green teas and they are just sweet enough to keep me from wanting chocolate!

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    I should give up cussing too. Especially since I’m working at a school! I celebrate lent every year. Last year, I gave up diet soda but I’m not as hung up on the stuff as I was last year. I rarely have it now.

    I think giving up sugar might be good for me too. I was also thinking about giving up alcohol but…too much.

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    I don’t celebrate Lent, but I like the sentiment behind it. Giving up sugar completely is not something I want to do, but cutting back would sure be good for me!

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    I don’t know what to give up for Lent… I was thinking maybe I should give up drinking – No alcohol, except wine – can I do that? Or is it cheating still letting wine in? I don’t think it should be since they serve it in church. ;)

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    oooohhh good luck! Where are you going to draw the line?

    I did no sugar for Lent once except sugar in fruit. It meant no juice, granola bars, raisins, etc. It was SO hard but I truly learned discipline. Another year I did NO ELEVATORS which stunk since I lived 5 floors up!

    For the last few years though I just try to add something selfless in each day. I do one extra good deed a day and it makes me feel good, even though sometimes it means a big sacrifice in time, money, etc.

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    I grew up Catholic, but only go to Mass for holidays and weddings. Nevertheless, I still observe Lent. I don’t think I’ve ever missed an Ash Wednesday service. I look forward to Lent like a lot of kids look forward to Christmas. Weird, I know.

    In recent years I’ve given up alcohol, frivolous spending/shopping and tortillas. I’ve tried to donate what I’d typically spend on things I don’t need. The toughest of those things was, hands down, tortillas. The easiest is alcohol. I’ve never tried to give up sweets and not sure I’ll want to do so this year. I’ll probably want to treat myself to something sugary after the LA Marathon.

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    I am giving up all sweeteners and fried food for lent. :) Last year I gave up all sweets and alcohol, my husband did as well, and oh my those were 40 rough days!

  25. Corrinne says

    This is my very first time to give up something for lent. I’m very confused because “giving up sweets” is such a broad term. Where do you draw the line? Is greek yogurt ok? Are sugar free pudding cups and jellies ok?

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