Cold Weather Running and 10 Miles


So, I just randomly ran 10 miles this morning. I know it’s not that big a deal since I just ran 15 miles this weekend, but it was unplanned and I never run that long during the week! Long runs are like going out to me, I always think “I can’t do that on a weeknight (or day as the case may be)”. I realized that I am going to miss my scheduled long run this weekend when I’m in … [Read more...]

I Love Greasy Chinese Food


Mid-morning I was super hungry and knew a handful of cereal wasn’t going to cut it. So, I made a super thick protein shake with some frozen spinach thrown in for greenage. Then, I headed to my mom’s so my brother’s girlfriend could cut my hair. Someone said Matt seemed a little young to have a GF (he’s 10). I have another brother that is 23 – it is his GF But, she was busy … [Read more...]