Confession Thursday : Going to Boston

Confession #1: I cannot stop singing Augustana’s song: Boston. I plan on singing it a few dozen times during my flight. I have a bad voice. This is my formal pre-apology to my fellow passengers.

Augustana – Boston
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Confession #2: I spent so long drooling staring at the dessert case in the health food store that I had to buy one or I’d just seem creepy even though I am. Luckily, they had a sugar free one – and NOT with artificial sugars but raisins and apples! Score. IMG_9407

Look at those ingredients – I could make this!


I usually don’t consider fruit dessert, but I better start changing that mindset if I’m trying to cut back on processed sugar! Luckily, this was good Smile 


Confession #3: I found the soft pretzel I bought last week at Whole Foods smashed and damp from living in the back of my fridge for 7 days.

I ate it.

Confession #4: I pee with the door open when I’m Home Alone.

If Ben ever comes home early this will be his reaction…home alone pic

Confession #5: I put lunch together in such a rampage I have no idea what I did with the hummus container lid…IMG_9409

So, it’s still hanging out on my counter.


Confession #6: I bought a new carry on bag for this trip. I suspect it might fit my cat – not that I tried to put him in there Winking smileIMG_9415

Confession #7: Pretty much every time I buy strawberries I’m disappointed, IMG_9404eat the tip and throw the rest away…Have you heard of that game, Just the Tip? Never mind. IMG_9405

Now I am off to have dinner with Ben and catch a flight to Boston! I will see ya later Smile


  1. Carly says

    I’ve been reading for a while but never commented… but I finally go told myself to comment tonight. I read your blog at least 2 x’s a day… and you always seem to make me giggle! I love your honesty and quirkiness… keep it up! xox

  2. says

    I lived alone for a year and I don’t think I closed the bathroom door once!

    My suspicions of what “just the tip” is aren’t anywhere close to being G rated…

  3. says

    Good job saying no to the eclair that was right next your healthy purchase. There’s no way I could do it. In fact, seeing the eclair in your picture makes me want to go and eat the cookies in my cupboard. I have a serious problem.

    Have fun in Boston. Stay warm and good luck!

  4. says

    Ummm, I GUESS this is gross but, I pee with the door open even if my husband is home! He does too. I guess we’re just shameless! Also, I am laughing hysterically over the fact you referenced “just the tip” on your blog! This is almost as good as the Chris Rock quote!!

  5. says

    1. I loooooove that song. I don’t have a great voice either and howl along.
    2. I always pee with the door open.
    3. I might have peed a little just now because I laughed so hard at your final joke allusion! (j/k)

  6. Lisa says

    Confession #8: You forgot your REALLY good friend’s birthday yesterday!!! I am hurt and offended. Not really, but I thought it would fit with your whole theme for your post today. Have fun on your trip and I guess I will sing myself happy birthday. :)

  7. says

    You are cracking me up over here…just the tip game! :-) Too FUNNY!!
    I don’t know how many times I have misplaced my hummus lid either! I usually find it in the recycling pile;; have you checked there yet?? 😉
    Enjoy your trip to Boston. I play Boston as my cool down in my Spin class…love that group!!

  8. says

    I always pee with the door open. Closed doors make the baby scream. I can’t pee while she’s screaming. Ergo, my husband has to volunteer to stop what he’s doing and entertain her if he wants closed door peeing around here. :)

  9. Maren says

    I always pee with the door open. haha even when my boyfriend’s here. I just don’t care!! The song Augustana has a dear place in my heart because it was the ringer for my good friend Colin whenever he called/text me. It basically went off every 30 seconds freshman year of college. He passed away last August, so whenever I hear that song, I always think of him. Have a safe trip!

  10. says

    Ummm this was hilarious, thank you for making me laugh! I <3 you even more now. I pee with the door open but Adam HATES it. He always walks over, gives me the stink eye and closes the door. I have no shame. I also love that I am sharing bathroom habits on the internet. Booyah, internet..TMI IN YO FACE!

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