The Black Cat 10 Miler and Traveling for a Race


It’s funny, the main reason I initially was coming out to Boston was to run the Black Cat 10 Miler with Tina. But  that became less important in my mind in all the fun this weekend! None-the-less, the race must go on and this morning we woke up at 5:25am to head to Salem, MA. First, I fueled up with some bagel thins. I love staying with friends that have the good food I … [Read more...]

I’m Blogging Matt Damon


Tonight I’m blogging Matt Damon. I <3 him. Since I’m currently in Boston and Matt Damon is from Cambridge I kept referencing him during our walking tour today. As we went along I made up stories about different sights… This is where Matt Damon played soccer as a kid… This is where he had his first kiss on the waterfront… This is where he drank beer and brainstormed Good … [Read more...]

The Freedom Trail in Boston


Today Tina and Chandra and I were headed into Boston for the usual touristy antics. But first I fueled up with oatmeal. I am still sticking with my story that I’m not in love with oatmeal, but I do love a warm breakfast when it’s cold. And it’s cold here so oatmeal it was! I topped it with carrot jam, banana, PB and Kashi Grape nuts. So good. Even though I’m in Boston, I … [Read more...]