I know, I know – the title of this post is too clever. But, I couldn’t come up with anything because lunch was kinda just…lunch.

I love this cartoon because they are yelling. I LOVE TO YELL!!!yelling season begins february first Lunch.

I ran some errands mid-morning and ended up chomping on sweet peppers while out. IMG 9747 thumb Lunch.

My hunger is really weird today. I wasn’t super hungry for breakfast. Then, I ate. Ten minutes later I was hungry again and ended up eating an open faced PB&J. It’s not like it was a whole funnel cake, so I just rolled with it.

While out and about I didn’t really feel hungry, but once I got home I was an eating machine. I made a super fast salad and english muffin pizza combo. Topped with a hardboiled egg and light ranch. IMG 9753 thumb Lunch.

I waited a few minutes but thought I was still hungry and ended up eating this bar. IMG 9757 thumb Lunch.

I think the #1 thing I still need to work on with Intuitive Eating is realizing when to stop eating. I always think I’m still hungry, eat more and then am overly full. I want to work on stopping when I am almost full and letting my food settle.

Part of it may be my weekend travels confusing my body. I think I need to chug some water and get some good sleep tonight so my body realizes what is what.

I have a fun Mexican Meatless Monday recipe for dinner! See you tonight wlEmoticon smile13 Lunch.

pin it button Lunch.


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    Letting my food settle so I can tell if I’m done is one of my problems too. I am trying to eat slower to make it easier to tell, cause it is way too easy to over eat when I am scarfing down my food like a mad woman :P

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    I am the same way when I travel…it throws off my hard core schedule so it is like I am in another world. I suddenly don’t have to watch what I eat, I snack a lot, I take every little treat that is offered and I have ‘goal amnesia’…hopefully my trip to the States and the move to Germany will not plunge me into this alternate ‘non-intuitive’universe ;) Your eats look yummy, and you look amazing so don’t feel too bad about a few extra bites :)

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    Ohhhh, funnel cake! Now I want to drive to Knotts and get one smothered in boysenberry and powdered sugar. And on that note, I too really need to focus on stopping when full. I need to realize that nothing I eat is that unique or special; I don’t have to eat the whole box of cookies, they’ll still be there tomorrow!

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    Must have been something in the air (even though we are on different coasts). I have been hungry and grazing all day. Tried to do distractions and wait between food but I still needed more.

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    I totally know what you mean about always feeling hungry. I have found when you over eat (at least a little bit) your body gets used to that “full” feeling and when you try to eat a normal amount, you don’t feel full because your body isn’t used to it. It takes time, but eventually your body will re-set itself and it will be easier. Also, the other thing I keep in mind is that ‘hunger will never kill you.’ Meaning it is OK to be hungry, you will eat again in another couple of hours! I totally didn’t follow my own advice today when I had a snacking afternoon, but a good reminder for myself.
    PS I really enjoyed reading your blog and Tina’s during your Boston trip. Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

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    Is the guy on the right in the cartoon imitating Lil Jon? If so, I love it even more.

    Regarding Intuitive Eating, I think it’s important to be patient with yourself when figuring out this stuff about feeling full. You’re a runner, remember – that itself messes with your hunger signals. I find that sometimes I am SUPER hungry after a long run, or a hard run; sometimes, not at all. Sometimes it hits me two days later, sometimes not at all. It sounds like you’re doing the right thing to ID first of all that not knowing when to stop is an issue. Good luck!!

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    I had a really weird day of hunger as well. I had dinner and a small dessert and usually after that I’m totally set for the night. Not today! I was starving about 2 hours later and even though I had a pretty large snack, I’m still feeling a little bit hungry! Weird!

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    I’m probably one of the slowest eaters EVER and I still have this problem. I know they say it takes 20 min. to register to your brain that you’re full, but my stomach takes more like an hour! Which can be extremely frustrating.

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