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I am very sad to leave my blogging buddies and Boston today wlEmoticon sadsmile2 The Three Blogateers But, I guess I have to get back to the “Real World” now. Boo.

Well, it was a blast ladies! Thanks for putting up with me for 3 days!!IMG 9699 thumb The Three Blogateers

After post-race showers we headed to The Rustic Kitchen for lunch. Tina raves about this place so I was happy to check it out.

IMG 9674 thumb The Three Blogateers

The wait was 45 minutes and we weren’t in a “state of stomach” to wait, so we grabbed a table at the bar.IMG 9680 thumb The Three Blogateers

As soon as we were seated the waitress brought us warm focaccia bread and a bean puree with olive oil.

IMG 9675 thumb The Three Blogateers

Tina, Chandra and I enjoyed a well deserved feast after our race this morning wlEmoticon smile12 The Three Blogateers

IMG 9679 thumb The Three Blogateers

I know this looks like your average Burger and Fries (but I don’t eat red meat) and it’s not a veggie burger! IMG 9687 thumb The Three Blogateers

I ordered the Tuna Burger – after asking the waitress for a description. It is ground tuna shaped into a patty and served with avocado. Ah.maze.

IMG 9686 thumb The Three Blogateers

After lunch we caught up on the happenings of the Jersey Shore and lazed around. That’s what weekends are for, right?

Soon it was time to pack up my stuff and head home to California. But, not until we had one last photo shoot for the memories wlEmoticon smile12 The Three Blogateers

IMG 9692 thumb The Three Blogateers

After our photo-shoot I had to say good-bye to the girls and head to the airport. As soon as I got through security I got an iced coffee for the road flight walking to my gate. Yeah, I pretty much chugged this like a frat guy on a dare.

IMG 9701 thumb The Three Blogateers

Then, I scrambled to piece together dinner. There weren’t a ton of options, but that was okay because all I wanted was a salad and fruit.IMG 9704 thumb The Three Blogateers

I also got a Chobani for dessert. I am planning on adding some granola I have in my bag IMG 9702 thumb The Three Blogateersanimal crackers to it too! These remind me of Chandra wlEmoticon smile12 The Three Blogateers Guess I already miss her.

IMG 9713 thumb The Three Blogateers

The rest of my in-flight entertainment includes studying anatomy. For those that don’t know, I am studying to become certified as a Personal Trainer very soon! More info will be coming soon.

IMG 9708 thumb The Three Blogateers

And since this came in the mail before I left for Boston (plus I’ve already professed my love for Matt Damon), I may give myself a break to check this out too wlEmoticon smile12 The Three Blogateers

IMG 9710 thumb The Three Blogateers

I’m on a flight with Direct TV behind every seat – so that is also a tempting distraction, but I seem to have misplaced my headset since my Friday flight. Boo.b.

IMG 9712 thumb The Three Blogateers

See you in the morning!

Updated to add: We stopped at Taco Bell on the way home. I’m sure I’ll be fired from being a “Healthy Living Blogger” first thing tomorrow. Well, it was good while it lasted… In my defense I’ve been up since 5:25am EST and it’s 2:30 am EST now. I don’t regret it.IMG 9716 thumb The Three Blogateers

Question: Did anyone run a race this weekend? Have a good run at home? Spill it so we can all pass on the congratulations wlEmoticon smile12 The Three Blogateers


  1. says

    I think the stop at Taco Bell makes you the best healthy living blogger. We all have our favorites and nothing is wrong with Taco Bell. Hatas gonna hate!

    Glad you had a great time in my hometown of Boston and great job in your race!

  2. Jennifer says

    Yum-that ‘burger’ looks delish! Congrats again on your race. I ran a 10k and set a new PR… 1:03:30 (10:15 pace). I am also trying to lose weight and increase my speed. Reading your blog is very motivating!!

  3. says

    I had a half marathon this weekend. Didn’t PR but beat last year’s time by three minutes so was still quite chuffed with that.

    Great time on the Black Cat 10 miler ~ I wish I had the opportunity to run a race with some of my favourite blogging friends, but in the UK it’s hard to find one that suits us all in terms of location.

    I feel your pain on the post-race over-fuelling ;) I did the same thing only with mass quantities of PB.


  4. says

    Sometimes I still enjoy a good McDonald’s burger, so I think Taco Bell is better than that.

    No races this weekend, but I’m running a marathon next weekend (eek!)

      • says

        I love getting away for the weekend, but coming back to a SLEW of blogs that went on while I was gone is always a little daunting. And I have this perma-”but I’ll miss out!” feeling if I try and skip any. ;)

      • Michelle says

        Maybe you saw me! I forgot you were going to be there but i don’t think I saw you! I was pretty cranky after that big hill on mile 3. :)

        I had a pretty good race! It was the longest I have ever run and it gave me a solid idea what i’m in for during my first 1/2 marathon in 2 weeks!

  5. says

    haha dont sweat it…after saturday night i forced my boyfriend to take me to get “pigs in a blanket” at 630 AM….so im sure im being fired as well.


  6. says

    Taco Bell stop is a necessity. I ate at Del Taco on Saturday….pretty much the same thing as Taco Bell and it was DELICIOUS!!! I need to try the tuna burger, that sounds AMAZING!!! You girls are all so gorgeous. Enjoy the warm weather in Cali:)

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