I Can’t Run Away

After this morning’s barf debacle my cat is at it again.

Today while I was cleaning his mess he walked into the house with something in his mouth. I wasn’t sure what he had, but knew it couldn’t be good.

Then, he dropped it into my open suitcase that I’m still in the process of unpacking.


He proceeded to jump into the suitcase and pounce on said mystery item.


The mystery item turned out to be alive and jumped around in my clothes filled suitcase.IMG_9821


I screamed.

I cursed (thank God Lent doesn’t start until tomorrow).

I called Ben (no answer).

I went back to screaming.IMG_9836

Turns out it’s a lizard. I know this because it jumped out of the suitcase and crawled under it.


The cat proceeded to push the suitcase around the room.


“Here lizard, lizard, lizard…”


Now it’s a waiting game. Vegas is waiting for him to come out and I’m packing my stuff in another suitcase and moving far away.


Who even cares about lunch after all this drama?

Not-so-luckily nothing makes me lose my appetite. So I ate this from the safety of my kitchen table with my feet up.


Everything but the Kitchen Sink salad with veggies, leftover egg casserole, hummus, hot sauce, corn salsa and tortilla strips


Lizard drama makes me snacky so I polished off a bag of Pirate’s Booty while I was at it.


I am currently staked out on top of the couch staring at the suitcase. I am supposed to meet up with the running group tonight, but I’m afraid to leave my post. I want to run far far away, but don’t want a lizard running around my house!


Send help.


  1. says

    Eeek! Isn’t it so funny how we react to things that are obviously smaller than us but we are completely disgusted by! I love that comic at the end of the post, so friggin’ true! Whenever there is a bug in my house that’s not suppose to be there (besides the occasional ant/fly) or a tiny teeny mouse baby, I run far away screaming the mans name. Hope Ben gets home soon to help with the lizard drama! Good luck!

  2. says

    Good girl, don’t let it out of your sight!!! Reminds me of backpacking through Central America and SE Asia – lizards and lizard-like creatures were literally crawling all over the walls/ceilings (inside, yes). They screeched really loudly. One fell down my shirt while I was on the toilet in Nicaragua *shiver* and I screamed so my husband ran in and stomped on it as it exited my shirt before it ran out the door. I had to “finish” so I could leave before he picked up his foot…so didn’t want to see that. I’m not hungry anymore.

      • says

        I read my Chris your response and he was like, “Told you! We should have taken a picture!” Like, does he not remember that I was ON THE TOILET (not to mention, with a little traveler’s situation going on?)??? Seriously, husbands can be so insensitive sometimes. He said it wasn’t a lizard but a gecko. What’s the difference?

        I was looking back through my travel posts and I guess I didn’t blog about it either (must’ve been even more embarrassing than I remembered – I’m recalling now that the couple staying in the next cabina heard me scream and came running over…). I’d also forgotten that that was the same day I crashed on a dirt bike. I swear, I am a disaster.


        I really loved this post! Totally took me back. But you’re in SD, right? Doesn’t this kind of thing happen there? You know, like scorpions happen in Phoenix?

        • says

          I’m in SoCal so it’s close. We have lizards around since it’s desert, but not in the house – that was all my cat’s fault.

          I’m not obsessed with your travel posts. I am in love with Costa Rica. We went a few years back and it’s the only place I’d want to return :)

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    I was cracking up over this post! I used to live in Miami and one time this tiny lizard somehow found it way into MY apartment, and I freaked out. I’m pretty sure I screamed, cried, swore, did a prancing/jumping/dance and then probably freaked out some more. I ended up trapping it under a bowl and leaving it there for awhile until I could calm down (I swear I’m not cruel to animals!) Anyways, good luck with the lizard – you’ll have a great story to tell, at least :)

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    Oh man. I had that experience a few times with mice – it’s not fun. Are you simultaneously totally grossed out by your cat, and yet also strangely proud of him for being a (somewhat) successful hunter? That’s how I felt!

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    Thank god I’ve never seen a lizard in my house, but I saw such a huge spider once that I went tearing outside and refused to go back in until my sister came home. Really stupid in retrospect- who knows where it went?! Probably under my pillow…

  6. says

    Okay, this has nothing to do with this post, but I know you’re planning on running R&R Las Vegas in December- you’ve heard about the announcement, right? How do you feel about it being at night?

  7. Catherine w says

    I laughed aloud at your cartoon! Love, love! I had Critter Control at my house today for three hours ridding the attic of squirrels! So 450.00 later, I don’t have to hear them going crazy in my attic anymore or worry that they will come through the vent to get me!

  8. says

    oh man i remember when this happened to me in college in SD…the lizard stayed behind the tv for three days. my roommate locked her door and shoved towels underneath to make sure it wouldn’t come in. i eventually scared it out, grabbed it by the tale and tossed it out the window. my roommate just about passed out.

    but if you asked me to do the same with a cockroach i will leave and get a hotel room. i do not tolerate those things!

  9. Rachel L says

    I think you should know that I just found your blog by googling why does roasted broccoli smell like garbage.

  10. says

    So our cats are indoor-only cats. A few weeks ago, they were all congregating around/on their covered litter box (it’s in the corner of our hallway by a closet). I thought nothing of it til the next morning, when Maggie was sitting on the box, staring at the ceiling.

    I look up, and it’s a tail. And it’s moving. Oh yeah, they’d cornered a field mouse.

    We had to do a live catch-and-release. Oven mitts were involved. Nobody was injured.

    All that to say: I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

  11. says

    Because I live in Florida, lizards and cockroaches are a way of life. And you’d think my two cats would be good at killing any vermin that came inside, right?

    WRONG. They love to play with lizards that get in, chasing them up walls and under furniture, then laying in wait. I’m a total girl about this stuff (picture me jumping on the couch and covering my eyes while saying nananananananana) so I think they get great pleasure in waiting until I’m alone to start their fun.

    I’ve been able to save many a creature, but only by covering them with a bowl and weighing it down until Lucas comes home to get it out. Shudder.

  12. says

    this gave me a laugh, thanks for that and the doodle was priceless. i would have screamed my head off too and then found a broom with a long handle and pounced on his behind.

  13. says

    lol, that comic at the end is SOOO true. This totally freaks me out, I would probably run out of the house and wait for my husband to come out and have him dig through our entire house to find it!

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