What Is Lent


I think most of you know what Lent is, but since I got some questions here is a Cliffsnotes version: Lent is a (mostly Catholic) tradition of prayer, observance and fasting in the 40 days leading up to Easter. Today is Ash Wednesday, so Easter is 40 days from now. (Note: I just wrote “Eater” instead of “Easter” because I’m preoccupied with food.) I was raised Catholic and … [Read more...]

Born To Run – Video


Someone from my running group sent me this video a few days ago and I finally got around to watching it yesterday. It is Christopher McDougall, the author of Born To Run speaking. For those that don’t know – Born To Run is a book by a runner (McDougall) written after he was searching for a cure for his injury prone running. He writes about the Tarahuamara Indians – a tribe … [Read more...]

Fat Tuesday and Fried Food


When we last spoke I was freaking out about a lizard in my house. Well, I managed to trap him under a bowl. I had to go to my running group and didn’t want to chance him running around my place and getting into my chonies or something. My group meets at the beach. Next week it’s going to be sun shiny here! If you missed it I’m getting ramped up to coach a local beginner level … [Read more...]