Fat Tuesday and Fried Food

When we last spoke I was freaking out about a lizard in my house. Well, I managed to trap him under a bowl.IMG 9851 thumb Fat Tuesday and Fried Food

I had to go to my running group and didn’t want to chance him running around my place and getting into my chonies or something.

My group meets at the beach. Next week it’s going to be sun shiny here! If you missed it I’m getting ramped up to coach a local beginner level 10k running group. The runs are fairly easy, but it’s fun to get to know other runners.IMG 9853 thumb Fat Tuesday and Fried Food

Ben was supposed to get rid of the lizard while I was gone. Turns out he put him in a tupperware and named him.

Meet Rango…

IMG 9858 thumb Fat Tuesday and Fried Food

On the way home from my group I called Ben and asked if he wanted me to pick anything up. He requested fried zucchini and I made no attempt to dissuade him since it sounded so good.

Hey, it’s Fat Tuesday! Aren’t we supposed to indulge in vices like this today?

I also stole a few sips of his strawberry shake. Go big or go home. Only on Fat Tuesday it’s Go Big and go home bigger than before you ate all that fried stuff. Oops.

IMG 9860 thumb Fat Tuesday and Fried Food

I also got a Diet Coke since I’m off the stuff for Lent too.

IMG 9861 thumb Fat Tuesday and Fried Food

Now I have to try and convince Ben to let Rango go…

See you in the morning!

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  1. Jo says

    Wait… You’re not saying you found that lizard in your house?? It’s a pet right? Bc I have never seen a lizard like that in my life..

    • Jo says

      Omg! my cat loves to chase little lizards around. if he brought something like that i’d die of shock! you must live out west? cause we don’t have lizards like that in FLA

  2. says

    I decided to give up meat for Lent. This is gonna be tough, mainly because I really like my chicken and turkey. To celebrate Mardi Gras, my boyfriend and I went out for gourmet burgers and beer. I also had steak this weekend, which I pretty much never eat. Um… yes, I am indulging.

  3. says

    Haha that is too funny that Ben wants to keep the lizard as a new pet. Oh boys! LoL

    I didn’t even know it was Fat Tuesday. Usually someone brings in doughnuts to the office but NOTHING. I think most people forgot. Probably not such a bad thing.

  4. says

    I have to admit that when you first posted about the lizard, I was imagining something small like a skink and I thought you were overreacting, but now…HOLY CRAP. That is not a friendly looking lizard at all. You need to invest in a cat that finishes what it starts.

  5. says

    glad ben trapped the lizard!! i’m glad you shared this story – sorry for YOUR bad luck, monica, but it DID make a funny story! esp since it now has a good ending (ie lizard is no longer on the loose).
    in university, my friend and i lived in an apt together and one night a bat got in; she eventually trapped it in a shoe box, and we took it outside and it flew away. much shrieking was going on during that process, let me tell you!

  6. says

    Monica, your cat is hilarious! Although, to be honest, if either of my cats (a) threw up on my bed or (b) brought a lizard into my house I’d be pissed, haha–no wet food for a week! Lol, just kidding, or am I?

    Please don’t call PETA! They get dry food, I swear =)

    By the way, I like the concept of fat Tuesdays! When I was a kid my mom worked late on Tuesdays and my dad always used to order pizza. Maybe I can have pizza tuesdays again =)

  7. says

    dude! that lizard is so cool looking! because i can’t see it’s underbelly i can’t tell, but it’s either a western fence lizard or a common sagebrush lizard!! love the name rango!!! hahah!

  8. Hannah says

    OMG last night I had a dream of being attacked by a lizard that looked JUST LIKE THAT… and I didn’t read this post until this morning!!!

  9. says

    Holy crap – that an awful looking lizard! We get lizards in our house all the time, but they’re cute little things! Well…cute like the Geico Gecko…I actually think hey ARE geckos…definitely not thorny looking beasts like Rango!

  10. says

    Rango is scary. I’d freak if he was running around my place!

    Um holy crap now I want fried zucchini so bad. Zucchini with ranch is my favorite.

    I need to give something up for Lent but I better decide this second. Soda is a good idea!

  11. says

    I’m not really into lizards, but the name of Rango sounded nice…that’s until I saw the actual lizard. Well, it’s less creepier than other lizards I saw so far, so I guess I could get used to living with such “an animal” in my house. Now back to the fried zucchini. Yes, they do sound and taste awesome. You made crave for them. Did you convince Ben to let Rango go? I hope you did.

  12. says

    HOLY COW! WHAT A NASTY LOOKING LIZARD! I was expecting a tiny little green thing.

    I am giving up soda for Lent. Here goes nothing!

  13. says

    AHHHHH I LOVE THAT YOU USED THE WORD CHONIES!!!! No one ever knows what I mean when I say that word! You just made my day!

    Eek, a lizard in the house – I don’t even know how I would handle that.

    I didn’t partake in Fat Tuesday eating for some reason this year. Just wasn’t feeling it, which is a first for me. :)

  14. says

    That lizard looks SCARY!! I would’ve totally freaked out. You’re brave for trapping it!

    And the fried zucchini looks heavenly! OMG! I haven’t eaten that much fried yumminess in awhile! But I did have a small piece of king cake and a couple spoonfuls of jambalaya last night!

  15. Michelle says

    At first I felt sad that you were trapping the lizard under a bowl cause I was picturing like, the geico gecko or something, but that lizard is SERIOUSLY freaky looking.

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